GrabRentals Cashback Scheme

Be rewarded for your loyalty! Enjoy up to 3.88% cashback on your car rental.
Exclusively for hirer-partners who recontract with GrabRentals!


How it Works

*Tenure (How long have you been with GrabRentals?) is calculated based on your completed and continuous rental period with GrabRentals.
For avoidance of doubt, any vehicle return of 30 days or more will result in a refresh of tenure.

– The cash back estimates above are for illustrative purpose only and may not reflect the actual amount of cash back credited.

– Cashback payout every quarterly.


Example 1

  1. Mr Tan is an existing GrabRentals hirer-partner who decided to recontract on a 12M contract with the same rented car.
  2. He has been a GrabRentals hirer-partner throughout from year 2017 to 2019, a total of 36 months.
  3. Therefore, he would enjoy 2.88% Cashback.
  4. His current rental rate is $79.95/day.
  5. Mr Tan will receive a daily cashback of $2.30 = 2.88% x $79.95