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What is GrabHitch?

GrabHitch is a social carpooling service that enables regular drivers like you and me to give fellow commuters a lift, meet new people, and cover the costs of owning a car.

To make it truly hassle-free, GrabHitch accepts both GrabPay and cash payments so GrabHitch drivers can choose their preferred method for cash out. All GrabHitch driver registration and bookings can be done through the regular Grab Passenger App, and do not require commercial insurance or Z10 registration.

Why GrabHitch?

Get your driving costs covered

Fill those empty seats with new friends going your way

Help mother nature reduce pollution and congestion

Hitch Club - GrabHitch's Driver loyalty programme that offers exclusive range of benefits

Who’s on GrabHitch

Use Hitch to go to anywhere freely with friends

What Do You Need To Be A Hitch Driver?

Be 18 years old and above

Possess a valid driver’s license, with at least 1 year’s driving experience

A private car with valid auto insurance

How To Sign Up

How To Get Started

Download Grab

Scan QR Code


Easy as 1-2-3! Get your mobile phone and driving license ready and click here for the step-by-step guide to join us.

Of course! GrabHitch is fully legal and in compliance with Singapore’s regulations. As of March 2015, under Road Traffic (Car Pools) (Exemption) Order 2015, LTA has made it possible for everyday drivers to be compensated for providing carpooling services.

Both products are housed under the Grab app. GrabHitch is a social carpooling platform powered by everyday, non-commercial drivers giving you a lift along the way to cover petrol costs. On the other hand, GrabShare is on-demand ridesharing service provided by professional GrabCar drivers which allows you to share your ride and your fare with another party going in the same direction.

Well, you get to save more with our affordable pricing (20-40% lower than taxis), make new friends and contribute to a car-lite city. So, why not? Our Hitch Community has seen people reuniting with their childhood pals or even their future boss. You never know who you might meet next!

Upon signup, all Hitch Drivers and their vehicles are carefully vetted and verified before they are allowed to join us. We also constantly monitor their activity to ensure that our community remains safe and our rides enjoyable.

Hitch Drivers will only be able to see your name, profile photo and mutual friends on Facebook (if you both have logged in with your FB account) in your booking request. Only upon accepting your booking will the Hitch Driver then be able to view your contact number.

You can create all your bookings through the GrabHitch tab in the Grab app. Just set your pick-up and drop-off locations, scheduled pick-up time (from 5 minutes up to 7 days in advance), select the number of passengers and any special request in the notes section. Click on the ‘Book’ icon and our servers will ping your route request to Hitch Drivers who share similar journeys. You’ll be notified via SMS and in-app notification when a Hitch Driver has confirmed your booking. We’ll also drop you a reminder 30 minutes before your scheduled pick-up time.

GrabHitch is a social carpooling initiative where trust is the backbone of our service. We strongly discourage you from cancelling on your Hitch Driver who has already made plans to give you a lift. However, should you find it absolutely necessary to do so, do give him/her a heads up as early as you can. To cancel your booking in the app, find under the menu: Scheduled > GrabHitch > Booking > Cancel Booking.

You can book 7 days in advance and make up to 6 bookings per day.

Although the majority of our Hitch Rides only involve one Hitch Rider, there’s a possibility that you could be riding with your Hitch Driver’s own friends or family, or a fellow Hitch Rider heading the same way. We are a social carpooling platform so be open about commuting with others!

We compute the price by the distance covered between your pickup and drop off locations, based on real time traffic condition on the time of booking.

Payment is easy! You can choose to pay via GrabPay or Cash. Remember to select either option before you make the booking!

You have to indicate your question in the ‘Notes to driver’ box before you make your booking. Once accepted, you may like to SMS your Hitch Driver to confirm if he/she is okay with your request. It doesn’t hurt to check!

You may like to try texting or calling your Hitch Driver first. If he/she remains uncontactable, we’re afraid you’ll have to cancel the trip and request for another ride. We’re sorry if this happens to you as we understand how disappointed you must be. Rest assured that we constantly monitor the misbehavour of Hitch Drivers to improve the quality of your experience.

We suggest that you don’t board the vehicle and report the incident to us as soon as possible.

GrabHitch is meant as an advance booking service as we are powered by non-commercial, everyday drivers who give Hitch Riders a lift at their convenience. Hence, there may not always be any available Hitch Drivers who are heading the same way as you do at your specified time. To secure a higher chance of being matched, book as early as you could, even up to 7 days in advance!

As a Hitch Community of social carpoolers, we like to keep things on the positive side and not impose cancellation charges. That doesn’t mean you should abuse our service though! Hitch Drivers are non-commercial drivers who are giving you a lift on their way to and from work. Let’s not take their contribution for granted! Do note that we do suspend Hitch Riders who cancel on their confirmed Hitch Drivers frequently without ample notice.

Nope, sorry you can’t! However, before you make your booking, you may request for a same-gender Hitch Driver by indicating in the bottom right box of the booking page.

ERP fees are not included in the fare and they will typically be borne by your Hitch Driver. However, do understand that in cases where your Hitch Driver may enter an ERP zone just to pick you up or drop you off, he/she is allowed to ask you to share the cost with him. Should you be unwilling to do so, simply reject him/her in a nice manner.

You may also feel free to offer to pay for ERP fees by indicating in the ‘Notes’ comment box when you make your booking. P.S. this increases your chance of getting matched!

You can’t pay with GrabPay if:

  • you have a rejected payment previously (Resolve a rejected payment)
  • you have insufficient funds or GrabPay Credits (Topping up GrabPay Credits)
  • wrong card details were entered
  • the card is not supported
  • the OTP (one-time password) entered was incorrect
  • you have entered your GrabPay PIN incorrectly for more than 5 times (Reset GrabPay Pin)
  • you may have exceeded the annual transaction limit of SGD 5,000. Please verify your identity if you’ve been prompted to submit proof of identification.

If after checking through the steps above, you are still unable to use GrabPay for payment, let us know about it through the form here.

You may apply your promo code by entering it in the ‘Promo’ box after you’ve keyed in your trip details. Once you’ve made your booking, you may confirm if the promo code has been successfully applied by checking the discounted fare in the app under Scheduled > GrabHitch > Booking. Congrats on greater savings!

In such an unfortunate event your Hitch Driver’s insurance will cover the costs of the accident.

  1. We are all about social carpooling and social carpooling is about being SOCIAL. Take the front seat and make new friends! Learn how to Hitch the right way here.
  2. Your Hitch Driver is not a commercial driver like our GrabCar partners so they appreciate if you could treat them the same way you would treat a friend giving you a (discounted) lift to your destination!
  3. Book in advance to maximise the chances of you getting a match! We can’t emphasise this enough but really, it helps to be a little kiasu. Book the night before for a morning commute or 2 hours ahead of your evening ride home.

From 1 June 2018, we will collect a 10% platform fee on GrabHitch rides from our drivers which goes into covering our operating costs and investing in various initiatives and product enhancements to ultimately channel value back to you.

As a Hitch Driver, you get to benefit in 3 big ways: Cover your petrol costs, make new friends and contribute to a car-lite Singapore! All these at your convenience!

We know you’re busy so registration is completely online. Get your mobile phone and driving license ready and click here for the step-by-step guide to join us. We can’t wait to have you onboard!

Of course! GrabHitch is fully legal and in compliance with Singapore’s regulations. As of March 2015, under Road Traffic (Car Pools) (Exemption) Order 2015, LTA has made it possible for everyday drivers to be compensated for providing carpooling services.

They’re not the same at all! GrabCar drivers are commercial, professional drivers who have to register a business, purchase commercial insurance, convert their car to a commercial vehicle at the LTA and then sign up in person at the Grab office. Since Hitch Drivers are everyday, non-commercial private car owners who are not driving as a profession, the sign up process is way easier. No need for commercial vehicle conversion nor insurance, simply launch the Grab app, take a couple of photos and submit them for verification. And you’re done!

Grab seeks your help to make GrabHitch a wonderful community for everyone! This means that you should only use the passenger details that you receive from Grab for the sole purpose of providing the ride. Please do not misuse the passenger details provided (e.g. calling or texting them outside of providing the GrabHitch service), share any screenshots revealing their personal details online (e.g. name, profile photo, address) or take any photographs/videos of your passengers without their consent. This is a breach of the Driver Code of Conduct, and may result in Grab suspending you from the GrabHitch service.

We give you full autonomy to decide who you want to pick up that you find most convenient. 2 ways to find your Hitch Rider: Check ‘Quick Hitch’ for the list of requests that best matches your current location and time, or create a route and see who’s heading the same way as you!

GrabHitch is meant to subsidise your cost of driving i.e. mainly petrol costs and not meant for you to make profits. That being said, you can expect to receive between $8 to $12 per pickup on average. If you do 2 pickups a day, that’s around $600 a month. Ain’t that decent?

Hitch Drivers should bear the cost of ERP, especially if you were to already incur it on your own intended route. In cases where you have to enter an ERP zone just to pick up or drop off your Hitch Rider thereby incurring additional fees, you may gently ask your Hitch Rider to share the cost with you. Do check with him/her upon accepting the booking and not during or after the ride to avoid dispute.

However, should your Hitch Rider be unwilling to do so, please don’t insist nor resort to any rude or threatening behaviour. Let’s be gracious to each other and enjoy the best of social carpooling together!

Based on current carpooling regulations, non-commercial drivers can only complete 2 trips in a calendar day, where 1 trip is defined as the pickup location of your first rider to your own intended destination and may consist of multiple pickups along the way. While we appreciate your enthusiasm for carpooling, please note that 2 trips a day limit is set by LTA regardless of whichever platform you use.

We hope that you won’t put yourself and your riders at risk as your insurance may not cover if you do more than 2 trips a day in total, combined across all platforms.
For drivers who are worried their insurance does not cover GrabHitch rides, remember we are the ONLY carpooling service who has purchased additional insurance for extra coverage provided no regulations are breached.

After your application has been approved, click DRIVE then go to “Create Route” tab. Enter your trip details and you’ll be alerted to a list of Hitch Riders who share similar journeys in the app. You can also sort through the list to see who fits your journey best. Alternatively, you may also check out the “Quick Hitch” tab for an immediate list of Hitch Riders near your current location and time. Either way works! Once you’ve accepted the request, you will then be able to see your Hitch Rider’s contact number. Do confirm with him/her via SMS or call prior to the pickup just to be sure!

Yes you may do multiple pickups per trip on the way to your intended destination with minimum detour. However, you must check with all of your Hitch Riders if they are comfortable to ride with other Hitch Riders and importantly, the expected delay in each of their arrival time. Nobody likes to be shocked so please give them all a heads up!

GrabHitch is a social carpooling initiative where trust is the backbone of our service. So once you’ve confirmed with your Hitch Rider, please don’t cancel on him/her. However if you absolutely have to cancel, please do so in advance and inform your Hitch Rider so that he/she can plan for alternative modes of transport (and not be left stranded). To cancel your booking in the app, go to Confirmed tab > Booking > Cancel Booking.

You’ll be able to view the payment mode indicated by Hitch Riders in the booking request – Cash or GrabPay (credit card). For Cash, simply collect the cash amount from your Hitch Rider upon dropping off, ensuring you’ve sufficient change. For GrabPay, your earnings will be credited directly into your digital driver wallet. You may choose to cash out credits in your wallet at any time.

If it’s your first time to request cash out, simply update your bank account details in your driver wallet. There is a minimum of $50 cash out amount and it takes 1 working day for the cash out amount to be reflected in your bank account.

Each booking may have more than one pax. Hitch Riders should indicate in their booking how many people are with them, so that you can decide if you’re comfortable before accepting the booking and plan your seating capacity accordingly. However, you will still be paid per booking regardless of the number of seats requested, so please don’t charge more!

Yes you have to pick up and drop off your Hitch Rider from the exact locations indicated in the booking. This facilitates a smooth and pleasant experience for both you and your Hitch Rider!

If you and your driver were in an accident, move to a safe area away from traffic.

Should you require emergency assistance, contact the police at 999, or SMS 71999 if it is not safe to call. If you require medical attention, please call 995.

You may file a medical claim through:

For enquiries on an insurance claim, please contact Chubb Insurance Singapore Limited.

Customer Service Hotline: 6299 0988
Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm (excluding public holidays)

If you want to report an accident and require assistance in a claim, please let us know here.

Of course you are! As a social initiative, we wouldn’t want to stress you out by imposing any penalty for irregularity. So please go ahead and enjoy driving GrabHitch at your convenience!

As a Hitch Community of social carpoolers, we like to keep things on the positive side and not impose punishment. That doesn’t mean you should abuse our platform though! Do note that we do suspend Hitch Drivers who cancel on their Hitch Riders frequently without ample notice.

You can find your accepted booking in the “Confirmed” tab
Upon reaching the pickup point > Tap “I’m Here”
When Hitch Rider boards your vehicle > Tap “Pick Up”
Once Hitch Rider alights at destination > Tap “Drop Off”

You may like to try texting or calling your Hitch Rider first. If he/she remains uncontactable, we’re afraid you’ll have to cancel the trip. We’re sorry if this happens to you as we understand how frustrating it must have felt to be stood up. Rest assured that we constantly monitor the misbehavour of Hitch Riders to best minimise such occurrence in future.

In certain cases, we may experience a delay in payment being charged. Rest assured that if you have completed the pickup, we will definitely ensure that the fare is credited into your driver e-wallet. Usually this will be automatically resolved in 1-3 working days. No action is needed from you, only your patience and understanding!

Thanks for spreading the good word! All referral bonuses will be credited to your wallet 10 working days after the programme has ended.

Cashout will be credited to your bank account after 1 working day from your request (not including weekends and public holidays) , by 11:59 pm. Please take note that there’s a $50 minimum cashout amount.

For example:

  • If you perform a cashout on a Tuesday, you will receive the cashout in your bank account on Wednesday
  • If you perform a cashout on a Friday, you will receive the cashout in your bank account on the following Monday

💡 Tip: Ensure that you enter your bank account information correctly. Should there be any mistake in your bank account info, we’ll have to process the cashout again and it will take another working day. 😞

Help your Hitch Riders find you by updating your vehicle details in “Hitch Driver Mode” > Menu (Top Left) > Settings

You may see the list of bookings you have accepted by going into Driver Mode > Confirmed tab

You should only tap “Pick Up” after your Hitch Rider has boarded your car. If you’ve accidentally done so, please don’t proceed to complete the booking in the app. If you already completed the booking without any pick-up, please let us know here.

  1. We are all about social carpooling and social carpooling is about being SOCIAL. Be friendly (but not creepy) and break the ice by talking about your job, hobbies, anything really!
  2. Always confirm with your Hitch Rider immediately after accepting the booking AND before setting off to the pick-up location. It doesn’t hurt to check!
  3. Read through our Hitch Driver Code of Conduct for the exact behaviour that is expected of you in order to make sure everyone gets the best Hitch experience always!

Platform fee on all rides completed within the same day will be collected from your driver wallet in 1-2 working days. For more information, please refer to here instead.