Get compensated instantly for cancellations made by both Driver-Partners and Passengers!

Remember the improved cancellation feature? Now it’s way better!

Starting 1st October 2018, as part of our efforts to improve your daily Grab earnings and driving experience, you will receive $4 in compensation when you choose a cancellation reason that does not affect your Cancellation Rate (CR), i.e:

  • Passenger no show (after waiting for at least 5 minutes at pick-up point)
  • Passenger is with a child
  • Passenger is with a pet
  • Too many passengers or luggages
  • Can’t pick up at location

Bear in mind that the weekly quota of 6 cancellations still applies, and any cancellation that affects your CR will not result in a compensation.

How Does It Work?

Everything’s done automatically now! When you cancel the trip, or when passengers cancel after 5 minutes*, the $4 compensation will be added immediately into your Grab Driver app Cash Wallet

The compensation will also be reflected in your job history and weekly Partner Statement.

*If you take too long, i.e not travelling at the average distance that should have been covered within 5 minutes, or do not travel towards the passenger, the compensation is not applicable even if the passenger cancels after 5 minutes.

Left: When passengers cancel after 5 minutes
Right: Driver cancellations that do not affect CR

To enjoy the feature, please ensure that you’re on Grab Driver app v5.49.0 (Android) / v1.36.0 (iOS) or above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is eligible for this compensation?
A: This is applicable to all active GrabCar and GrabTaxi Driver-Partners.

Q: What happens if I accept a booking, but the passenger cancels after 5 minutes?
A: Yes, we know this is frustrating as well, and you will also receive a $4 compensation for that. While it was credited weekly previously, effective 1st October 2018 the compensation will be instantly credited to your cash wallets.

Q: Why am I not compensated when a Passenger cancels 5 minutes after I have accepted the booking?
A: 2 possible reasons:

  1. You might have taken too long to reach the passenger i.e not travelling at the average distance that should have been covered within 5 minutes.
  2. You did not travel towards the passenger.

Q: Who pays for this cancellation compensation?
A: Currently, this cancellation compensation comes from Grab and will be paid automatically into your Cash Wallet.