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Grab’s Super Steady

The more you drive, the more you get!

Super Steady is a new reward programme where you will be rewarded based on a “Streak”, which increases along with the number of months in which you’ve driven at least 200 trips with us.

What is a Streak?

A streak is the number of consecutive months in which you’ve driven 200 trips and above. The longer your streak, the greater your reward! 

How is a streak calculated?

Here’s an example….


ANNA has been actively driving with us since January 2018.

So her monthly streak is 4, because she’s driven 200 trips for 4 consecutive months.


Well done, ANNA!



On the other hand, BEN has been driving with us since September 2017.

As he did not manage to hit the 200 trip target in January & February, his streak ended and was recounted starting from March 2018.
Therefore, his monthly streak is 2, even though he has been driving for a longer time.

Be cool
BEN, just keep going!

So…what’s the reward for a streak?

The Super Steady monthly rewards consists of 2 components—Reward Payout & Fare Cashback. Both will increase along with your monthly streak.

The great news is, for existing driver-partners, your streak will be backcounted.
You do not start at 0, and previous months are counted towards your streak as long as you hit the 200 trip target each month.

Here are a few more examples of streak & reward calculations…


Since ANNA has driven 200 trips per month for 4 consecutive months, she’ll get a monthly reward payout of $50 (on top of her fares and other incentives).

If she continues her streak for another 8 months (making it a total of 12 consecutive months), she’ll get a $100 reward payout and a 1% fare cashback.

So if she earns $5000 in monthly fares on a 12 consecutive month streak, she’ll earn a $100 reward payout plus a fare cashback of $50 (1% of $5000) for that month

Cheers, ANNA!



Since BEN has driven 200 trips for the past 2 consecutive months, having broken his streak in January and February, he is not eligible for any rewards.

However, if he drives >200 trips this month, he will reach 3 consecutive months, and he will start receiving a $50 Reward Payout every month.

Don’t give up, BEN!


  • Driver-partners have to complete at least 200 trips each month for that month to count towards their streak.
  • The 200 trip a month minimum is not based on the average number of trips over multiple months (e.g If a driver makes 400 trips last month, but only 50 trips this month, it does not average out to 225 trips each month, and his streak will be broken,)
  • This streak will be broken if a driver fails to hit at least 200 trips in a month.
  • The reward cash-back and the reward payout are monthly occurrences.
  • For existing driver-partners, your streak will be backcounted. You do not start at 0, and previous months are counted as long as you hit the 200 trips minimum per month.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I know what my current streak is?
A: At the launch of the programme, an email will be sent to you with your current streak on it. Subsequently, an update will be sent to you via email at the beginning of each month.

Q: When will Super Steady be reflected in my app?
A: An incentive card for Super Steady will show up in your app by 7 May 2018.

Q: When will I receive my Super Steady bonus?
A: You will receive the bonus in your credit wallet no later than the 7th of each month. The first bonus will be paid out in June, for the month of May. 

Q: I am a new driver with Grab, am I eligible for the Streak incentive?
A: Yes! All driver-partners are eligible, as long as a minimum of 200 trips are completed at least 3 months consecutively.

Q: I have driven with Grab for a few years. Will my streak start from 0, like the new drivers?
A: No. Your streak will be backdated, and previous months will be counted as long as you have driven at least 200 trips a month since then.

Q: How is my streak computed?
A: Your streak is counted by the number of consecutive months in which you have driven at least 200 trips. Your streak starts from the first month you’ve hit 200 trips, as long as you have hit this minimum every month since then

Q: What if I’m a part-timer?
A: If you don’t drive enough to hit 200 trips, there are other programmes which will be made available to you (such as Own Time, Own Target). You are also eligible for normal weekly incentives.

Q: I need time to build my Streak. When does this programme end?
A: This programme is a long-term benefit, and is the first of many programmes to reward the long-term performance of our driver-partners

Terms and Conditions

  • Unless otherwise stated, only completed trips for GrabCar 4-Seater Economy, GrabCar 6-Seater Economy, GrabCar 4-Seater Premium, GrabCar 6-Seater Premium, GrabFamily 4-Seater, GrabFamily 6-Seater, GrabShare, JustGrab, GrabCar Plus & GrabAssist are eligible for this programme.
  • Jobs outside of Singapore do not count towards this programme.
  • For any fare top up by Grab, the usual Grab commissions apply.
  • Payment will be done through the driver’s credit wallet, and will be credited by the 7th of each month.
  • An incentive card for Super Steady will be reflected in app by 7 May.
  • Do note that bookings for all the services you are eligible for will affect AR/CR/DR for GrabCar programmes.
  • Grab reserves the sole & absolute right to forfeit rewards and suspend accounts of Partners who do not follow GrabCar’s Code of Conduct. Grab’s decision is final and conclusive – requests for appeal and review will not be entertained.
  • As a reminder, drivers are expected to achieve minimum performance levels on Acceptance Rate, Cancellation Rate, and Driver Ratings in order to receive bookings on the GrabCar platform. Acceptance Rate cannot fall below 85%. Cancellation Rate cannot exceed 10%. Driver Ratings cannot fall below 4.3.
  • Please note that AR/CR/DR requirements will be counted monthly instead of weekly for this particular incentive.
  • Partners that repeatedly click “Pick Up” and “Drop Off” without reaching the pick-up and drop-off locations requested by the passenger will have their driver account temporarily or permanently suspended.
  • Partners with consistently low acceptance rating will face strong action and receive a reduced number of jobs.
  • Grab reserves the right to withdraw, amend and/or alter any part or the whole terms and conditions of driver programmes at any time without prior notice.
  • All My Destination jobs do not contribute to or qualify for this programme.