Be rewarded for your loyalty

Additional Rental Holidays for you!

Starting 2019 with you in mind, we would like to introduce our newly added Tenure-based Benefit.

In additional to your current benefits under GR Beyond Loyalty Programme, we offer up to an additional 7 days of Rental Holiday a year through this new addition!

Rent from us, accumulate the benefits through your tenure with us & enjoy the rental holiday at your own flexibility.
What’s more? This is completely stackable with your benefit from Free Rental Holiday under GR Beyond.

(Ps: That’s potentially 14 days of Rental Holiday a year!)

Years with GrabRentals Less than 1 More than 1 More than 2 More than 3
Additional Rental Holiday Not eligible 3 Days 5 Days 7 Days

Mr Tan, an existing hirer-partner, has been renting from GrabRentals since 20 April 2016.
By January 2019, Mr Tan will be with GrabRentals for over 2 years & is eligible for 5 days additional rental holiday.

Note: As this programme is launched on 1 Jan 2019, payout will not be available for his tenure period between Apr 2016 – Apr 2017.
Instead, Mr Tan will receive payout of 5 days free rental for tenure over 2 years in Jan 2019,

and another 7 days free rental for tenure over 3 years in Apr 2019.

How to apply?

(Step-by-step guide)

Start enjoying your Additional Rental Holidays*


*Terms & Conditions apply.


By renting from GrabRentals, you will be automatically enrolled into this GR Beyond benefit as long as you’ve completed the minimum service with GrabRentals as required below:

Years with GrabRentals Less than 1 More than 1 More than 2 More than 3
Additional Rental Holiday*
(Stackable with Free Rental Holiday)
Not eligible 3 Days 5 Days 7 Days

*Tenure days is calculated based on the summation of all active and continuous rental period, with GrabRentals, where collection & return of vehicle is within 30 calendar days.

Submit your application here.

We advise you to redeem your ‘Rental Holiday’ first, as you will be able to carry forward your ‘Tenure-Based Rental Holiday’ to the next year. Refer below for more details:


GR Beyond Benefit Able to carry over to the next year?
Rental Holiday No
Tenure-Based Rental Holiday Yes


All applications will be reviewed individually. You will receive an update within 14 working days from the date of submission.

We will review all contracts and reward the entitlement on a quarterly basis, together with the GR Beyond points(i.e. Jan, Apr, Jul and Oct). Once credited, you can apply for the additional rental holiday here.

For me, visit
Alternatively, contact us via our hotline at 3138 8644 or write in to