Something BEYOND belief is headed your way...

Your trusted GrabRentals loyalty programme got BIGGER!

We’re tremendously honoured by the overwhelming support we’ve received and proud to be your partner on the road every single day.

Listening closely to your feedback over many months helped us better understand your needs, expectations and the challenges you face on the road every day.
This really got us thinking about how we could revolutionise your GrabRentals experience by taking things to a whole new level.

As an enhancement to our existing loyalty programme, the new and improved GR Beyond offers an exciting range of rewards when you drive with us daily.

GR Beyond Benefits

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GR Beyond is the GrabRentals loyalty programme that offers a range of benefits exclusively for our hirer-partners to get the most out of their rental experience.


All GrabRentals hirer-partners with valid contracts are eligible for and auto-enrolled into GR Beyond. Find out more about becoming a hirer-partner here

GrabRentals hirer-partners on open contracts are eligible for GR Beyond.


However, certain benefits like rental holidays or medical rental recovery days require them to re-contract for 3, 6, or 12 months as these benefits depend on their current GrabRentals contract length.

GR Beyond is exclusively for GrabRentals hirer-partners only. Hence, hirers who

are renting from Fleet Partners or other rental companies are not eligible.

Both GR Beyond and Emerald Circle are Grab loyalty programmes that follow the same quarterly cycle, but are separate from each other.


Emerald Circle is the loyalty programme for all GrabCar drivers, while GR Beyond is the loyalty programme exclusively for GrabRentals hirer-partners.


Hence, GrabRentals hirer-partners are able to enjoy benefits from GrabCar’s Emerald Circle AND GrabRentals’ GR Beyond simultaneously!

There are three key highlights in understanding GR Beyond:

  1. It is a loyalty programme based on points that you earn each quarter.
  2. You earn points and upgrade tiers by hitting certain targets or criteria.
  3. You can redeem the points you earned for benefits in the following quarter.


Each tier has a minimum number of points required and your tier would be determined based on how many points you accumulated over a given quarter.

You can earn points by fulfilling a variety of criteria.


We intentionally chose targets that are relatively easy to achieve, and that many of you are already doing and have been doing for a long time, such as regularly paying your rental and going to servicing on time. No AR/CR, DR or trip count requirements here! (Scroll up this page to see the full list)

GR Beyond Points are points that are earned from rental-related criteria such as length of service, servicing attendance, GrabRentals referrals, etc. (Scroll up to see the full list!)

GR Extras Points are earned by a GrabRentals hirer-partner whose Emerald Circle Tier falls under Ruby, Sapphire, or Diamond. (Scroll up for the point allocations)

Tier Reward Points are bonus points awarded to hirer-partners who achieve either Silver, Gold, and Legend Tier for any given cycle. (Scroll up for the point allocations)

Tier Reward Points do not count towards your tier, but they increase the total number of points you could spend so you could redeem even more rewards!

Special Bonus Points are occasional one-off bonus points that may or may not be available on a given cycle. Hence, they are subject to change, and


For example, hirer-partners who have been with GrabRentals from August 2016-September 2017 receive ‘Pioneer Bonus Points’ for the first cycle of GR Beyond as a token of appreciation for their loyalty.

Like Tier Reward Points, Special Bonus Points do not count towards your tier, but they increase the total number of points you could spend so you could redeem even more rewards!

For the first cycle, from October to December 2018, we will be sending out bi-weekly newsletters via email to update you on your total points thus far.


Starting 2019, we will introduce an online portal for you to check your achievements and points, and redeem benefits.

You can start redeeming rewards in December 2018 via an online portal. Stay tuned for more details to come! 🙂

Points are valid for one quarter; hence, they will refresh every 3 months. 

Unused points in the previous quarter will be forfeited. We will be sending you reminders to utilise your remaining points either via email or SMS nearing the end of the quarter.

For the first cycle, from October to December 2018, the rewards on offer will be in Grab credits towards your Grab credit wallet balance.

Starting 2019, we will introduce a wider variety of rewards spanning healthcare, shopping, food, entertainment, and lifestyle.

You may reach us via our hotline at 65 3138 8644. We are available from 10.30am-6pm every Monday-Friday, excluding Public Holidays.