Bringing you more savings on fuel

Enjoy 30% discount instantly on each fuel purchase

In partnership with Caltex, GrabRentals presents to you the highest fuel discount! With the new GrabRentals Caltex CARD,
eligible driver partners can receive an upfront 30% discount at any Caltex station from January 2019.

What’s more, you can also get your car washed at a discounted rate of only $6!

Save up to $300* in petrol every month!

*Based on average petrol consumption across common vehicle models.

You can enjoy this offer if you are one of the following:

• A GrabRentals Hirer from ANY Emerald Circle Tier

• A Diamond or Sapphire Partner renting from Participating Fleet Partners

• A Diamond Partner renting from a non-affiliated fleet or driving your own car

Terms & Conditions

1) Applicable to all grades of petrol & diesel.

2) Discount applicable for up to 900 litres of fuel per card per month.

3) Eligibility for the GrabRentals Caltex Card can be affected by changes to your fleet and/or Emerald Circle tier. Fleet eligibility will be reviewed weekly based on your opt in and Emerald Circle tier eligibility will be reviewed quarterly.

4) Eligibility of the temporary card will be based on your Emerald Circle tier of the first quarter of 2019 and your fleet.

5) Applicable to all hybrid/petrol vehicle only.



Fleet Diamond Sapphire Ruby Emerald
Fleet Partners
Non-Affiliated Fleet

Note: Fuel discounts not applicable to electric vehicle drivers

Discounted car wash from $6 & other Cabbie 21 offers!

Validity of the card will be reviewed weekly based on the fleet eligibility and quarterly based on Emerald Circle tier.

We will be reviewing your eligibility weekly & deactivate your cards if you become ineligible.