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GrabRentals Beyond – Giving your benefits a boost

When we rolled out GrabRentals as a car rental company, one of our priorities was giving you the freedom to work on your own schedule, at your own pace & most importantly, with the car of the greatest value. But you shouldn’t have to sacrifice the benefits and security of a full-time job for flexibility.

As part of our efforts to forge a lasting, mutually beneficial partnership with you, we’d like to introduce GRBeyond, a loyalty program designed exclusively for GrabRentals hirer partners.

You’ll be eligible for these exclusive GRBeyond benefits when you sign up for a 3 month, 6 month or 12 month contract (or contract renewal) with GrabRentals*:

  1.  Medical, hospitalisation, compassionate rental recovery days
  2. Free Rental Holiday*
  3. Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)
  4. 0% Installment Plans
  5. Rental Recovery for Dax App Downtime
  6. Monthly Re-contracting Deals
  7. Prestige Programme for Top Performers
  8. Relief-Hirer Programme Eligibility
  9. Exclusive Access to GrabRentals Events
  10. Car Wash Service
  11. Petrol Discount
  12. GrabRentals Dedicated Hotline

*For hirer-partners who sign 12-month contracts (new or re-contract)

1. Medical, hospitalisation, compassionate rental recovery days

Life is filled with uncertainty, but your rental doesn’t have to be. GrabRentals offers you greater security with rental waivers when you need them most.

Complete the form and provide the necessary documentation via We will review the information and get back to you regarding the status of your request soon after.



2. Free rental holiday*

Commitment issues? If you are still not sure about a longer-term contract, no need to worry! Every one-year contract or re-contract for a 1 year contract will entitle you to a pre-determined number of rental holidays; use as you please.

* For 12-month contracts.

3. Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)

Drive confidently with our highly recommended CDW programme! Secure your interests on the roads for a modest daily instalment of $4*, and say goodbye to insurance excess shock as our CDW programme reduces the lump sum by up to $3200.

*Amount subjected to GST

Scheme Details:

The Grab Rentals’ main hirer (age ≥ 26) and their authorized relief driver (age ≥ 26), with a valid PDVL or TDVL, who opts in for this scheme will enjoy the benefit of only having to pay $535.00 in insurance excess (for each section) instead of the excess amount indicated in the “without CDW” column of Table 1 below:

* Main hirers and authorized relief drivers who are under the age of 26 years old will have to pay an additional $1,500 + GST on top of the charges stated above.

Drive worry-free when you opt-in for this waiver on a new contract or re-contract.


4. 0% Installment plans

Get the option to spread out your payments for certain transactions – such as your car deposit and insurance excess – with 0% interest. This way, you can top up lower amounts less frequently, and pay off the full amount via instalments rather than one lump sum.


5. Rental recovery for driver app downtime

Worried about app downtime? We hear you! While we work to resolve issues as quickly as possible, we’re offering rental recovery in case you were affected during the downtime.In such instances, please give us some time to communicate the appropriate recovery measures to you. Rest assured we have your backs and will inform you in a timely manner.


6. Monthly Re-contracting Offers

Can’t get enough? Enjoy our exciting re-contract offers, and be part of a selected group eligible for a variety of rental holidays, bonuses, discounts, and more. Whether you wish to re-contract earlier, or closer to your contract end date, keep updated on these deals announced via email or SMS at the beginning of every month.

7. Prestige Programme for Top Performers

Get rewarded for your hard work and secure an invitation to GrabRentals Prestige (also known as Tier 4 of GRBeyond). With consistent stellar performance in areas such as trip count and safety, unlock extra perks like lower rental rates, rental rebates, Prestige-only event access, and more!

8. Relief-Hirer Programme Eligibility

Going on holiday, have a full-time job, or simply need a break? No need to return your car or terminate your contract prematurely. Register for our relief-hirer programme with at least one month notice beforehand, and we will process your request to pair your car up with suitable relief drivers.

To sign up, simply fill in your request via this form and we will get back to you within seven working days.

9. Exclusive access to GrabRentals events

From workshops and anniversary celebrations to charity events, we want to know you better and show you our gratitude. So join in the fun with the GrabRentals Team—learn about new initiatives, give back to society, stand a chance to win freebies, and perhaps bring your loved ones too! Be sure to check your emails and SMS for updates on our upcoming events, or follow the GrabRentals Facebook page for additional updates! for additional updates!

10. Car Wash Services

Ease the burden of caring for your vehicle with our car wash services. Simply present your vehicle checklist at participating workshops to enjoy discounted washing and vacuum services. For further information, please click here.

7. Petrol Discount

Claim petrol discounts from our authorised partner. Discounts start at a competitive rate of 20%, so you save more!

12. GrabRentals dedicated hotline

Like most long-term relationships, the longer you stick around, the more rewarding it’ll be! Think of it as our way of thanking you for going above and beyond the call of duty.

Get in touch with us at 3138 8644 to find out more.