Out sick?
No worries!

Get paid even on days you’re out sick.


    • Who is covered

  • Ruby, Sapphire and Diamond driver-partners under the Emerald Circle program.
    • Ruby tier

    • Sapphire tier

    • Diamond tier

    • How does it work

  • You enjoy coverage at all times, whether you’re driving or not. All you have to do is maintain your status on any of the eligible tiers of the Emerald Circle program.
  • WhatWhen can you make a claim?What’s needed to
    make a claim
    How long do we pay you for?
    Medical leaveFrom the sixth day onwards1. Valid Medical Certificate (MC)
    2. Doctor's Memo
    3. Claims Form
    Maximum 14 days*
    Hospitalization leaveFrom the second day onwardsMaximum 60 days*
  • *Total annual payout is capped at 60 days for Medical Leave and Hospitalization Leave combined.

    • How much you’ll be paid

  • Emerald Circle Benefits TierYour payout is based on a percentage of your average earnings in the past 90 daysMinimum daily payoutMaximum daily payout
    Ruby50% $30$200

Making a claim?

Type of claim*Documents requiredHow to submit your claim
Outpatient1. Valid MC
2. Doctor’s memo
3. Claims Form
Email: Scan the claims form and all documents to

Post: Chubb Insurance Singapore Limited at 138 Market Street #11-01 CapitaGreen Singapore 048946
Hospitalization1. Valid MC
2. Inpatient discharge summary, or medical report
3. Claims Form

*You may need to submit additional documents upon request:

– Reports that have been obtained from the police or other authorities in regards to a road traffic accident (if applicable)

– Any other documentary evidence required by Chubb under the Prolonged Medical Insurance program.

Want extra protection?


No problem! With Prolonged Medical Leave Plus, you can now protect your freelance earnings at very affordable premiums when you’re out sick or injured.

This product is designed for you to add on to the free Group Prolonged Medical Leave insurance that Grab is already providing to all driver-partners except for those in the Emerald tier.

By adding on Prolonged Medical Leave Plus insurance, you are enhancing protection for all of your earnings from Grab and other sources.

There are four plans to choose from based on your age band and estimated daily earnings.

Age band (Years)Monthly Premium
18 - 30 $11 $14 $21 $28
31 - 40 $12 $15 $22.50 $30
41 - 45 $17 $21 $31.50 $42
46 - 50 $17 $21 $31.50 $42
51 - 55 $24 $30 $45 $60
56 - 60 $24 $30 $45 $60
61-70 $48 $60 $90 $120
71-75 $61$76$114$152
Your coverage$80 $100 $150 $200

What’s cool is that Prolonged Medical Leave Plus works in the same way as the free Prolonged Medical Leave insurance that you already enjoy!


How to choose a plan

  • Step 1: Estimate your average daily earnings for the last 90 days driving with Grab, plus earnings you make from other freelancing jobs.
  • Step 2: Select the plan that suits you.
  • Step 3: Buy conveniently from your Grab Driver App.


If you are a Ruby, Sapphire or Diamond partner driver under Grab’s Emerald Circle program, you are automatically covered.

It doesn’t cost you a cent to be covered. Grab is providing the premium for eligible drivers.

No problem. You can claim under the Prolonged Medical Leave insurance program, in addition to benefits you may be entitled to in other policies.

Yes, you are covered 24 hours a day, worldwide.

You are covered at all times whether you’re driving or not, as long as you are a Ruby, Sapphire or Diamond partner driver under Grab’s Emerald Circle program.

No, this program is exclusively for Grab driver-partners only.

Yes, it covers you for all accidental injuries and illnesses, except for pre-existing medical conditions.

It’s a note written and signed by a doctor whom you’ve consulted for your injury or illness. The memo contains his diagnosis of your condition and it must be written by the same doctor who issued you the MC.

Any condition for which a doctor was consulted for, or for which treatment or medication was prescribed within 12 months preceding.

You can claim for a related illness or injury that ensues from the original illness or injury. The MCs must be consecutive and can be issued by different physicians. Each MC must be accompanied by a doctor’s memo.

Example of a related illness:
A Grab driver-partner has a 2-day MC for flu. His symptoms have worsened on day 3 and complains of headaches and a sharp pain in his right ear. He returns to consult his doctor. The doctor diagnoses him with an ear infection and issues him a 4-day MC. The ear infection is a related illness arising from flu.

As a driver-partner on the Emerald tier, you can now protect your earnings by buying Prolonged Medical Leave Plus at affordable premiums. To choose a plan, simply estimate your average daily earnings as a Grab driver-partner in the last 90 days, and add on earnings from other freelance jobs.

For medical leave, simply produce a valid Medical Certificate (MC) after the first five days that you were ill and for hospitalization leave, after the first day.

Sure! The date of the medical leave accorded must be in consecutive days and arising from the same illness or injury. The MCs can be issued by different physicians.

Please contact Chubb’s Customer Service Hotline at 6299 0988 (Mondays to
Fridays, 9.00am – 5.00pm, excluding Public Holidays) or email A&HClaims.SG@Chubb.com.

A friendly Chubb representative will respond to your email in 48 hours.

Upon receiving your claim document, Chubb will do an assessment. It will take about 10 working days for the payout and 2 to 3 additional working days for inter-bank transfer, if no additional documents are required.

Chubb will make an Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) to your bank account. Alternatively, you may choose to receive your payment by cheque.

Your coverage limit is dependent on your Emerald Circle tier status, which is subject to change at the beginning of every quarter. If you’d like to increase your coverage, you may like to consider signing up for Prolonged Medical Leave Plus. This is a voluntary product that you can buy to add on to the free Prolonged Medical Leave insurance provided by Grab.
Prolonged Medical Leave Plus complements Prolonged Medical Leave, a group policy, by covering the remaining portion of your Grab earnings plus earnings from other freelance jobs.

If you are a driver-partner on the emerald tier of the Emerald Circle program and aren’t currently enjoying free Prolonged Medical Leave insurance, simply buy Prolonged Medical Leave Plus at highly affordable premiums to enjoy peace of mind.

All Grab driver partners holding a Private Hire Car Driver’s Vocational License license are eligible

Premiums are dependent on age band and coverage amounts. You can view your premiums in the table above.

Prolonged Medical Leave Plus complements the group policy by covering the remaining portion of your Grab earnings and any other freelance income.

Yes, it covers you for all accidents and sicknesses, except for pre-existing medical conditions.

Got a question?

    • Contact Chubb Customer Service at +6562990988 (Mondays to Fridays, 9.00am – 5.00pm, excluding public holidays.

      You can also call the Grab Customer Experience team at +6566550005.

Prolonged Medical Leave Plus is underwritten by Chubb Insurance Singapore Limited. Co. Regn. No. 199702449H and distributed by GrabInsure Insurance Agency (S) Pte Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary with the Grab Group of Companies.