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Introducing Grab&Go

Allowing you to earn on-the-go

As part of Grab’s commitment to make your time on the road count, we bring to you a new avenue for revenue! Presenting the brand new Grab&Go, an in-car retail and sampling programme that allows you to earn with every order.

How it works

Simply put, Grab&Go turns your car into a mini store.

Through Grab&Go, you will earn:

  • 20% commission on each paid sale you make.
  • $1 check-out fee for every order from your Grab&Go box. This includes samples.
  • Monthly bonuses for selling or distributing samples.

*Monthly bonuses subject to change

For example:

If a passenger buys a pack of mints for $1.50 and takes two free samples, you earn:
($1.50 x 20% commission) +  $1.00 check-out fee = $1.30 from that order

If you make 50 similar orders in a month, you earn a total of:
$65 in commission + $25 monthly bonus = $90 extra

– Commissions and check-out fees are made weekly, bonuses will be paid out monthly.
– For tips on how to earn more from our top earning drivers, click HERE

Register at Midview City Today!

We understand that time is money, so we’ve simplified the process for you!

To be part of the programme, simply visit 18 Sin Ming Lane #01-11, Midview City, Singapore 573960 to register and collect your box!

Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 10am-6pm

*Registration closes on 15th June, limited slots available!

Pick up your Grab&Go box, refill bag and quick start guide!

Install the box to your center console, drive away and earn!

If it’s time to pick up new items to refresh your box, Grab will send you a message to restock at 18 Sin Ming Lane, #01-11 Midview City 573960.
Receive your commission and check-out payouts weekly and your bonuses monthly. Repeat the same process to earn!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who can join the Grab&Go programme?
A: Only selected top performing driver-partners will be invited to join Grab&Go.

Q: What are the benefits of joining?
A: You will be able to increase earnings and provide a unique experience to your passengers for a 5-star experience.

Q: Are there any vehicle requirements?
A: The Grab&Go box will be strapped to the vehicle’s center console for both driver-partner’s and passenger’s easy access and viewing.

Please make sure that the vehicle that you are driving has a center console of at least 20.5 cm (or 8 inches) wide with a lid that opens upwards. Certain cars such as Toyota Prius Alpha Hybrid, Toyota Sienta, Toyota Wish, Honda Fit Hybrid and Fiat Doblo may not be suitable at this time.

Q: I’m interested but I still have questions! 
A: Register your interest here and we’ll contact you to tell you more!

Q: What are my responsibilities?

  • To maintain a peaceful in-car environment, you are not expected to actively pitch for sales. Just be a friendly driver-partner, answering any curious questions your passenger may have about the new Grab&Go experience.
  • Before ending the trip, remember to key in the transaction amount under “Tolls and Others”. For cash rides, please collect payment in cash.
  • Once payment has been made by passenger, simply retrieve the items from the Grab&Go box and hand them over at the end of the trip.
  • In order to ensure you do not run out of inventory, an invite will be sent to you when it’s time to restock at Midview City once or twice a month.

Q: How and when will I be paid?
A: Driver-partners will receive their Grab&Go Commissions and check-out fees weekly and their bonuses monthly, all via the Grab Cash Wallet. 

Q: How does the referral programme work?
A: Earn $20 for every GrabCar driver you refer to Grab&Go! It’s super easy, just login to your account at and click “Invite” in the top menu. Share your short code or referral link with your friends and make sure they mention it during signup.
Once they complete their 1st transaction, you will be eligible for the referral fee of $20. In the following month, the referral fees will be paid to your cash wallet (along with the monthly bonus payouts). For limited time only!

Q: What if I lose/damage the Grab&Go box and/or the stock?
A: If theft has occurred from your vehicle, lodge a police report and submit it to Grab support. Otherwise, you may be held liable for the lost/damaged items.

Q: What if the passenger is unsatisfied with the product and demands a return/refund?
A: We understand that certain situations may be beyond your control. Kindly refer passenger to Grab support to handle the issue.

Q: Is there any criteria to stay on the Grab&Go programme?
A: Please ensure that you adhere to the requirements stated in the quick start guide and attend the restocking appointments set up for you. However, Grab will have the discretion to remove unsuitable drivers from the programme.

Q: What if I change my car?
A: Don’t worry! As long as your new car has a center console of at least 20.5 cm (or 8 inches) wide with a lid that opens upwards, you will continue to be eligible for the Grab&Go programme.

Q: What if I stop driving for Grab or want to stop participating in the programme?
A: We are sad to see you go. Kindly inform Grab support, and an appointment will be set up for you to return the box together with the items allocated to you.