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Reduce your payable liability in the event of a car accident

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Auto Excess

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How does it work?

Calculate your premium
Step 1:

Choose your Emerald Circle tier.

  • Emerald Tier
  • -5%

  • Ruby Tier
  • -10%

  • Sapphire Tier
  • -15%

  • Diamond Tier
  • -20%

Step 2:

Select the amount you’d like to be insured for

    • When an accident occurs, you first make a claim with your rental company or commercial auto insurer. You must pay an amount equal to the excess of your package. If the cost of repair is higher than your excess, your insurer will pay for the remainder.

    • If you’re insured with Chubb for Auto Excess, you claim on Chubb after an accident.

    • Chubb will pay for the amount you’re liable to pay as a result of the accident, less the first $500 of the excess, which is the deductible of your policy.

    • Your excess is reduced because you’re covered by Auto Excess.


Auto Excess is an insurance policy, designed to reduce the financial burden of commercial drivers by covering a portion of the driver’s excess pay-out, in the event of an accident.

Auto Excess is underwritten by Chubb Insurance Singapore Limited and distributed by GrabInsure Insurance Agency (S) Pte Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary with the Grab Group of companies.

All Grab Drivers are eligible to purchase Auto Excess.

It is compulsory for all commercial drivers to purchase commercial car insurance. Every commercial car insurance policy has an excess – an amount that the driver has to pay in the event of an accident. Auto Excess insures a commercial driver’s excess. This means that should an accident occur, you can submit a claim to Chubb, to lower your liability.

Every commercial driver has a different level of excess pegged to his or her commercial car insurance policy. For the Auto Excess policy, you can select a level of coverage that is the same as that of the excess of your commercial car insurance.

No. You must have a valid commercial car insurance policy to buy Auto Excess because the product provides coverage for the excess you are responsible for.

Auto Excess comes with a deductible of S$500.

For example:
A Grab driver chooses to be covered for S$4,000, an amount equivalent to the excess of his commercial car insurance plan. In the event of an accident, assuming the repair costs amounts to S$10,000, the insured Grab driver is only required to pay S$500 as the excess will be covered under the benefit of the Auto Excess policy.

Definitely not! In the event of an accident, you will not be penalised with higher premiums thereafter.

This product is distributed by GrabInsure Insurance Agency (S) Pte. Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary with the Grab Group of companies.