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Are you Working AND Grabbing?

Grow your business by sharing exclusive deals!


Great news! You can now take your business to the next level without spending a cent. Be a part of Grab’s new Driver for Driver Benefits (DFDB) programme, and reach thousands of fellow Grab drivers – who could become your customers!

Simply submit an application by Monday, 23 January, to list your business deals on Grab’s DFDB page.




  1. Who is eligible to post a deal?

All GrabCar drivers with a minimum rating of 4.5 stars and at least 20 trips completed in the last month are eligible to post a deal.


  1. What type of deals are eligible?

While we welcome all applications, only attractive deals offered by legitimate businesses, offering goods / services that are relevant to our driver-partners will be selected.

Preferred offer categories:

  • F&B
  • Daily necessities
  • Education/learning
  • Fashion
  • Electronics/gadgets
  • Vehicle related goods/services

Deals offered exclusively to Grab drivers preferred. All deals must be valid for a minimum of 3 months.

Please note that offers from the following categories will not be considered:

  • Investment and/or financial products / services (including insurance and property agent services)
  • Multi-level marketing products / services
  • Any illegal activities

Grab reserves sole and absolute right to make the final decision on deal selection.