Drive with Grab using your own car in 5 steps

When you drive for Grab, your car moves from being a depreciating asset to a smart choice. Because let’s face it, it is expensive to own a car in Singapore. And every minute it sits in your parking lot, is money lost.

What are the minimum requirements to drive with Grab?

At least 21 years of age

Singaporean with valid PDVL / TDVL

Singapore PR employed under a limousine company

Minimum 2 years driving experience

Own a 4-door car

Step 1: Register a business

Your journey as a GrabCar driver starts with a business profile.

To make things easier, please refer to the following step-by-step instructions:

  • Visit
  • Login using your SingPass ID and Password
  • Create a sole proprietorship with the business activity code 49219 (Code for Private Car For Hire with Operator)
  • Download the business profile ($115)

Step 2: Purchase commercial insurance

It’s SAFE to drive using your own car when you’re Grabbing! When your car is commercially insured, you have peace of mind that both you and your passengers are protected in the event of an accident when you’re on a Grab trip.

At Grab, we have partnered with Income to get you the most competitive rates.


Note: You may use any insurance provider as long as their coverage provides commercial insurance for your vehicle.

Step 3: Vehicle conversion

Convert your vehicle classification from P10 / P11 to a Z10 / Z11 vehicle log at the LTA. Bring along your ACRA, commercial insurance and company stamp as supporting documents.

You can visit LTA at 10 Sin Ming Drive, Singapore 575701 (2 mins drive from the Grab office).

Step 4: Activation

Activation is free. Documents to bring to GrabCar office includes:

  • NRIC
  • Driving Licence
  • Proof of commercial insurance
  • Z10 / Z11 Vehicle Log
  • Bizfile (ACRA) showing 49219 code
  • Bank Information – Name, Account Number and Branch Code
  • Private Hire Car Driver’s Vocational Licence (PDVL), only applicable from mid 2017

Visit our office at 28 Sin Ming Lane, #01-143 Midview City, Singapore 573972

Note: If you don’t own a car, you can still drive with Grab using a rental car


Step 5: Get ready for success

Complete our driver app training and you will be earning extra in no time!
Monday-Friday: 11:30am, 1pm, 3pm & 5pm
Saturday: 12pm
Sunday & PH: Closed

Optional: Still unsure of what’s required in order to drive for Grab? Attend our optional 60 minutes information session to find out everything you need to know about succeeding on the Grab platform. Our sessions are scheduled as follows:

  • Monday-Friday: 11am, 2pm & 5pm
  • Wednesday: 7pm
  • Saturday: 2pm

Tip: Save time by activating your account with Grab when you attend these sessions.

Visit our office at 28 Sin Ming Lane, #01-143 Midview City, Singapore 573972

Optional step: If your car is still on loan, please talk to our preferred refinancing partner for help.

Genie Financial Services Pte Ltd
24 Sin Ming Lane Midview City
#05-105 Singapore 573970
Tel: 67151518

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