#GrabCares initiatives to protect your income and wellbeing.

Protecting your health and wellbeing is our top priority. So we’ve taken steps to ensure you’re looked after during this period.

In addition to the $100/day of income support from the government for every self-employed person who is quarantined, Grab will be providing additional loss of income support to delivery-partners and the amount will be dependent on Emerald Circle Tier. Scroll down to view details.

Income protection support breakdown by Emerald Circle Tier:

Delivery-partners doing GrabExpress only, will be provided a flat $100 for income protection support. For application of income support, please apply here

Safeguarding yourself:

Good hygiene tips to help prevent the spread of viruses

Additional preventative measures

(i) Health screenings will be conducted for all visitors (including delivery-partners) to GrabKitchen and Hubs, and anyone with temperatures of 37.5℃ and above will be denied entry.

(ii) 3-ply surgical masks will also be provided to visitors who do not present with fever but are found to be coughing or sneezing.

(iii) During deliveries, you can also drop your customer a note to arrange to leave the order at their doorstep or an alternate location like the lobby.

While we work with the relevant authorities to monitor the situation and provide support, feel free to reach out to us should you need any assistance. Stay safe!

Click here for the latest official updates from the Ministry of Health.

Travel Declaration

All Delivery-Partners are required to submit the travel declaration form to be qualify for any income support. If you have travelled to China or have any intention to travel to China, click here.

*LOA (Leave of Absence) valid for full-time delivery-partners who have declared and presented their passport and an air ticket/boarding pass showing that they have travelled to Mainland China and returned to Singapore on/after 20th Jan. Not applicable to delivery-partners who departed Singapore on/after 28th Jan.

*Delivery-partner can only claim income support once (eg. Partner will not be able to claim income support for Leave Of Absence and Quarantine Order)