Changi Airport Dining Options

Taking a break or just happen to be around Changi Airport? Don’t miss out on an exclusive 30% off all regular priced items* at Changi T4’s Food Emporium for all Grab Driver-Partners!

Head over and be spoilt for choice with all-time favorites like Herbal Soup, Fried Hokkien Mee, Nasi Padang, Nasi Lemak and more!

*You’ll be required to show your TDVL/PDVL to the vendor during payment.


For the night owls near Changi Airport, we’ve got you covered too! Here’s a list of 24 hours dining options to help you satisfy all those midnight cravings:

Terminal 1

  1. Jewel coffee
  2. Ma Mum to-go
  3. Burger King

Terminal 2

  1. Bakery Cuisine
  2. Coffee Toast Express
  3. Crave
  4. McDonalds
  5. Paris Baguette
  6. Pezzo
  7. Stuff’d
  8. Swensens
  9. Chee Kei
  10. Jinjja Chicken
  11. Krispy Kreme
  12. Llao Llao
  13. O’Coffee Club Xpress
  14. Starbucks Coffee
  15. TP Tea
  16. Ya Kun Kaya Toast
  17. Chutney Mary Indian Fast Food

Terminal 3

  1. Kopitiam
  2. Mr Teh Tarik Express
  3. Ya Kun Family Café
  4. Heavenly Wang
  5. McDonalds
  6. Paris Baguette
  7. O’Coffee Club
  8. Old Town White Coffee
  9. Starbucks Coffee
  10. Xin Wang Hong Kong Café (till 2am)

Terminal 4

  1. Ma Mum (till 1am)
  2. Paris Baguette
  3. O’ Coffee Club Express
  4. Starbucks Coffee
  5. McDonalds


  1. A&W (till 3am)
  2. A-One Signature (till 2am)
  3. Beauty In The Pot (till 6am)
  4. Five Spice (Food Court)
  5. KFC (Fri, Sat, Sun till 3am)
  6. Paris Baguette Signature
  7. Signature Koi
  8. Song Fa Bak Kut The (till 12am)
  9. Starbucks
  10. Stuff’d (till 12am, fri, sat till 1am)
  11. Subway (till 12am)
  12. Toast Box (till 2am)


Or tap here for full guide on all public dining options in Changi Airport.