Calling all Comfort Cabbies!

If you are a Comfort Cabbie currently not on the Grab platform, we want you!

Enjoy massive Rental Discount for the next 6 months!

Taxi Partners: Get $50/Day Rental Rebate

No hidden incentive requirement. No minimum trips.

Two easy steps:

1. Change to rental at any of our partner taxi fleets partners*

2. Provide documentation proof of your switch over

PHV Car Partners: Get $1688/Month Rental Rebate

No hidden incentive requirement. 20 trips per week only.

Two easy steps:

1. Switch over to PHV at GrabRentals or any GrabCar fleet partners**

2. Provide documentation proof of your switch over


Once you have successfully signed up with GrabCar…

You will automatically be entitled to Grab’s Total Fares Guarantee Incentive –
allowing you to earn up to an additional $2388/week!

Sign up today and be entitled to the following incentive:

How does it work?

  • Mr Tan completes 140 trips this week with a total fare of $1400.
  • However, because he is under the Total Fares Guarantee programme, Grab ensures that Mr Tan’s weekly total fares is $2388.
  • As such, Grab will top up the difference of $988 ($2388 – $1400) to Mr Tan, ensuring that he earns the fares he was promise

*Taxi fleet partners: GrabCar Prime, SMRT, Transcab, Premier, HDT

**List of GrabRentals’ exclusive fleet partners:

  • Ace Limo & Rental Pte Ltd
  • Ace Fleet Leasing Pte Ltd
  • Ace Fleet Management Pte Ltd
  • Allswell Leasing & Limousine Pte Ltd
  • Alpine Car Rental Pte Ltd
  • Asia Carz Leasing Pte Ltd
  • Blaze Motoring Pte Ltd
  • Blue Star Concierge Pte Ltd
  • Blue Star Limousine Management Pte Ltd
  • Bond Motoring Pte Ltd
  • Car Cove Leasing Pte Ltd
  • Carsonrent
  • City Motor Leasing Pte Ltd
  • Darwin-51 Car Rental Pte Ltd
  • Drive Now Pte Ltd
  • Efficient Motors Pte Ltd
  • EHB Limousine Pte ltd
  • Favordrive Car Renta
  • Favoride Pte Ltd
  • Glissade Pte Ltd
  • Glissade Leasing Pte Ltd
  • GrabRental
  • Hawk Rent A Car
  • HDT Singapore Holding Pte Ltd
  • HL Car Rental Pte Ltd
  • HYMS Carleasing Pte Ltd
  • iDrive Leasing Pte Ltd
  • iDrive Rental Pte Ltd
  • Insas Logistics (S) Pte Ltd (Pacific Rent A Car-PRAC)
  • JScars Pte Ltd
  • KH Leasing Pte Ltd
  • Kinetic Alliance Pte Ltd
  • Kinetic Holdings Pte Ltd
  • Kinetic Regency Pte Ltd
  • Lay Auto Leasing Pte Ltd
  • LH Car Rental Pte Ltd
  • Lumens Auto Pte Ltd
  • Luxe Motors Pte Ltd
  • Mcqueen Rentals
  • U-Rental Pte Ltd
  • National Car Rentals Pte Ltd (Avis)
  • Midview Motors Pte Ltd
  • Mishi Auto Pte Ltd
  • MKM Car Leasing Pte Ltd
  • MS Carz Leasing Pte Ltd
  • Ocean Carz Leasing Pte Ltd
  • One2Rent Cars Pte Ltd
  • Orange Leasing Pte Ltd
  • Platinum Leasing Pte Ltd
  • Platinum Rentals Pte Ltd
  • Popular Rent A Car
  • Prime Transport & Limo Services Pte Ltd
  • Comfort Limousine Services Pte Ltd
  • Best Motor Leasing & Limousine Services Pte Ltd
  • Reliable Rides Pte Ltd
  • Roset Limousine Services Pte Ltd
  • Sime Darby Services Pte Ltd (Hertz)
  • SJ Motor Enterprise
  • Skyway Motor Pte Ltd
  • SLC Leasing Pte Ltd
  • Southern Limousine Pte Ltd
  • Advance Limo & Rental Pte Ltd
  • Divine Limousine Pte Ltd
  • Strides Transportation
  • Twincar Leasing Pte Ltd
  • Vincar Leasing And Rental Pte Ltd