Earn an Extra $5 for Jobs in the CBD

From 5-8PM on 3-5 May, complete trips starting from CBD Core to earn $5/trip (max 5 trips). No AR/CR/DR criteria apply. This incentive applies on top of all other incentives (including 1.7X Grab Fare Boost from the CBD).

How Does This Incentive Work?

Eligible hours: 5-8pm on 3-5 May 2017

ALL TRIPS STARTING IN CBD CORE (RED ZONE) are eligible for a $5/trip top-up. Applies to JustGrab, GrabCar 4 & 6, GrabShare & GrabFamily only.

Top-up applies on top of all other incentives. $5/trip incentive does not apply outside red zone

No AR/CR/DR criteria apply.

CBD Core: