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Cash to Credit

What is this feature about?

Drivers would be able to top up their credits using their cash wallet.  This provides an additional channel for drivers to top up.

Driver App screenshots

Drivers can access the feature through the Wallet screen.  Click the “Plus” button to top up.  There will be an additional top up option called “Cash Wallet”.  Ensure that the amount in the cash wallet (Cash Balance) is sufficient.  Enter the amount that you wish to top up.  Done!

cash to credit(1)













Drivers who have not authenticated their cash wallet will need to do so before they can top up using this feature.  Screenshots as indicated below:-

cash to credit(2)











The two transactions (deduction from cash wallet and top up of credit wallet) will be displayed on the driver’s Cash Transaction History and Transaction History respectively.
Cash2Credit Image 4


There will be cases in which the driver may not be able to complete the transaction, namely when their cash balance is insufficient or when there are any other issues, as per screens below:

cash to credit(3)

Cash2Credit Image 6