Update of Code of Conduct regarding in-car cameras

Many driver-partners have installed in-car cameras which are inward facing. Please note that any inward-facing recording device (audio and / or video) is prohibited in the vehicle unless there is prior approval given by LTA instead.

Please refer to the following guidelines from LTA and PDPC for the appropriate usage of inward facing car cameras.  We have also updated the GrabCar Code of Conduct to reflect these guidelines. Here is the specific change in the Code of Conduct (under 1(e)):

You should note that where you choose to use personal in-vehicle cameras for safety and security purposes, they are neither endorsed nor prohibited by the Company, and the Company does not collect, use or disclose any Personal Data of third parties from such in-vehicle recordings. The collection, use and disclosure of any such Personal Data is not conducted on behalf of the Company. As such, it is your sole responsibility to comply with local privacy laws and regulations, and you should obtain the consent of your passenger prior to using the personal in-vehicle cameras in such vehicles. Personal Data is defined in Grab’s Privacy Policy which can be viewed here.

Please remember to abide to all rules and regulation.

Thank you, and happy Grabbing!