Cancellation Options

App Updates: New Driver Cancellation Options


We have updated the Grab Driver App. Reporting cancellations can be done easily within the App.
The current driver app only provides two options for cancellation reasons.
The new app update allows 4 options for cancellation reasons: 


1.Accepted in error – drivers who accidentally accept a job

2.Passenger no show – passenger is not at pick up location and can’t be contacted

3.Can’t reach in time – driver is unable to reach the pickup location due to traffic, breakdown or                                                                                  other  personal reasons

4.Passenger request to cancel – passenger contacted the driver to request for cancellation


Drivers will receive $2 credit per trip for both NO SHOW (after 10 min) and PAX CANCEL (after 5 min).

Please update your Driver App to get access to this feature.

Grab will stop taking no show requests via WhatsApp/SMS after 21 March 2016 (Monday).


Screenshot_2016-03-10-13-42-17  Screenshot_2016-03-10-13-42-20  Screenshot_2016-03-10-13-42-28