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4 Ride-Hailing Safety Myths… Debunked!

Still insecure about riding in a private hire vehicle? Though ride-hailing services are increasingly popular in Singapore, we understand that many are still unsure about using them. We’ve compiled a list of common safety concerns to put your worries to rest.

Myth #1: You can’t claim insurance if you meet an accident in a private hire vehicle

Here’s something that will give you peace of mind: On top of commercial insurance purchased individually by drivers, Grab, being a kancheong spider, also buys group Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) for private hire vehicles. If you’re ever in an accident, just call Grab’s customer service centre (6570-3925) and we’ll walk you through the claims process.

Grab's Personal Accident Insurance

Myth #2: But commercial insurance is enough, isn’t it?

By law, all commercial vehicles – including taxis and private hire cars – must minimally have commercial motor insurance. But some commercial policies purchased individually by drivers may only insure against third party accidents. Grab is one of the few ride hailing apps that offers group PAI as an extra layer of coverage to insure drivers and passengers in the event of personal accidents – and it’s free!

Grab's Personal Accident Insurance coverage

Here’s what you should know:

  • PAI coverage kicks in the moment you board your GrabCar or GrabBike, until the time you alight. It covers you in the event of accidental death, permanent dismemberment and bodily injuries in an accident.  
  • It doesn’t matter who hit whom. The insurance provider will pay out regardless of who was at fault in an accident.
  • Grab’s group PAI applies to all six countries we operate in which means you’re covered if you ride with us abroad.

Read more about Grab’s Personal Accident Insurance.

Myth #3: Private-hire drivers have no “standards”

With so many options in the transport space, commuters can afford to be choosy. It’s really in our interest to ensure you get a good and safe driver. We do background checks on all our drivers and help them acquire proper licenses including the Private Hire Car Vocational License (or PDVL) that’s been in Singapore’s news lately.

That’s not all. With road traffic injuries killing some 316,000 people each year in Southeast Asia according to the World Health Organization, it’s critical that drivers are also schooled in road safety. Our compulsory onboarding processes include a safe driving component. Plus, we offer additional training programmes to make our drivers safety superstars:

  • In countries where we have GrabBike, our drivers undergo defensive riding tests held by external safety riding schools. These impart critical practical skills like early hazard scanning and avoidance, how to deal with road emergencies… and even how to safely carry parcels on motorbikes!

That said, we’re aware that accidents sometimes happen and we are working to reduce those numbers. We also discipline drivers who fall below a minimum quality threshold.  

Myth #4: Ride-hailing apps just match you to a driver. They don’t care how your ride goes

If we haven’t made it clear by now, we don’t dust our hands off you after you’ve gotten a ride. Grab was the first ride-hailing app in the world that let passengers share their real-time ride location with friends and family (a feature that we call ‘Share My Ride’). Last June, we rolled out a speeding monitoring system in Jakarta that analyses GrabBike drivers’ real-time driving patterns, and notifies them if they’re driving too fast — a trick that helped us slash speeding incidences by 35 percent!

So next time you book a ride with us, know that we’ve got your back!