GrabCar. Still the most affordable.

We’ve lowered our GrabCar (Economy) prices to truly give you the most affordable rides in Singapore. Embrace the change with no minimum fare and a reduced base fare and per KM price.

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*subject to supply and demand in the area

As always, we promise you a fixed fare upfront, so your heart won’t skip a beat despite being stuck in heavy traffic conditions. Getting around in Singapore has never been this affordable and there’s no reason to pay more than you should.

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We are confident that GrabCar is still the most affordable ride in town. Book a ride with us today.
<span style=”line-height: 1.5″>Psst! Don’t turn this into our little secret. Share it with your family and friends!</span>

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<h3><strong>How to book a GrabCar:</strong></h3>
<li><a href=”;st=105886897128&amp;h=6c6c2ec9768120ecc2bbaa625261d9d8e7014154″>Download</a> the Grab app and tap the GrabCar (Economy) icon.</li>
<li>Enter your pickup and drop off points and choose your payment method.</li>
<li>Provide your card details if you’re paying with credit/debit card for the first time.</li>
<li>Book your short ride and let’s roll!</li>
Don’t turn this into our little secret. Share it with your family and friends. Hop on!

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<h3><span style=”color: #000000″><b>Terms and Conditions:</b></span></h3>
<li>GrabCar Pte Ltd reserves the sole and absolute right to withdraw, amend and/or alter any part or the whole terms and conditions of this price adjustment at any time without giving any prior notice to the participants.</li>
<li>GrabCar Pte Ltd shall not be responsible or liable for any claims of loss or damage to property or any personal injury or loss of life resulting from or related to this price adjustment.</li>

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<strong>Share the love, refer a friend!</strong> The more friends you got, the more rides you’ll get. Invite a friend to use the Grab App and enjoy $8 off for both of you.