New pricing, more trip requests & NO COMMISSIONS* for GrabCar Premium!

Great news! GrabCar is revising GrabCar Premium prices so our partners get MORE TRIP REQUESTS!
We’re also waiving all commission charges from 5 to 14 Feb 2016 (inclusive)!

Here are our revised pricing & charges:


Q1: Do I need to do anything differently from before? Yes! You should (i) charge $10 per extra stop (ii) include ERP/Sentosa charges incurred while passenger is in your car.

Q2: Will I still see a fixed fare? Absolutely!

Q3: Should I expect to get many trip requests? Definitely! We have many promotions & campaigns lined up – so stay tuned for more trip requests coming your way!

Q4: How do I get more trip requests? Have you activated GrabPay so you can receive credit card trip requests? If not, visit to get activated! It only takes a few minutes!
Q5: How are peak hour charges calculated? Any time could now be a peak hour – you’ll see higher fixed fares quoted whenever there is high demand & few drivers in your area. This means fares could be higher than before!

Q6: What are the busiest times with the best fares? Demand is typically highest on Monday to Thursday mornings (7-10am) & evenings (5-8 pm) and ALL DAY on Fridays to Sunday! You’re likely to see higher fixed fares during these times! However, with our new pricing method, any time could be a peak hour. (as explained in Q5 above)

Q7: How can I be eligible for 0% commissions?You’re already eligible for 0% commissions on all GrabCar Premium rides! Just start Grabbing now!