Meet Grab’s Partner Aide guys

Clad in black uniform, rider boots, helmets and oftentimes a tall, looming stature – who are these people and what do they do? You may or may not have heard of Grab’s Partner Aide team before, but you definitely will not miss them when you see them. 

Guided by the vision of providing a safe and quality platform to the Grab community, the Partner Aide team handles a variety of responsibilities to provide support to our driver- and delivery-partners on the ground. 

Lots of times, the work they do goes unnoticed and unappreciated. Besides the occasional revving of their motorbikes, these silent patrollers are out on the roads in order to ensure that our partners and users have access to a safe and quality platform.

Take a first look into the day-to-day lives of our Partner Aide officers as their go about their job:

Beyond the uniform, a goofy smile reveals the heart behind our Partner Aide guys and the work they do – a warm and genuine heart for the community they serve, and a passion for their daily routine.