GrabHitch Driver’s Guide

Welcome to GrabHitch

We’re delighted that you’re joining our community of GrabHitch drivers.This guide will help you to get matched with a GrabHitch passenger.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to:

  • Create a Route
  • Accept a Request
  • Check Ride Info & Contact Passenger
  • Pick Up & Complete Ride
  • Cancel a Ride
  • Cash Out


Create a Route

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Tip   Creating a route is the first step to getting a passenger. Tell us your driving route so we  can find you a match. 

Accept a Request

Tip   Payment for GrabHitch is strictly via GrabPay. Accepting cash is a violation of our T&Cs and will lead to suspension of your driver’s account.

Check Ride Info & Contact Passenger

To Find Passenger ContactTo Find Passenger Contact_2 (1)

Tip   As GrabHitch is a social platform, do call or message your passenger to let them know you intend to cancel the ride.

Pick Up & Complete Ride

To Complete Ride, Quick Guide

Cash Out

Cash Out Quick Guide_1Cash Out Quick Guide_2


  • You will need a minimum balance of $10.00 to cash out.
  • You can expect to receive your cash out by the following Friday.