Durian Scarcity + #GrabDurian = Mouthwatering Mayhem

Durian season is upon us again. But this year, a low harvest has caused prices of the spiky sensations to rocket. And high prices mean many Singaporeans are unable to satisfy their cravings for these pungent perfections. That’s where Grab comes in with the return of #GrabDurian. Here are a few types of durian devotees we discovered:

1. Durian Desperados – They must get a durian at all costs

2. Dutiful Durians – Those who ordered durians for their parents and grandparents (aww)

3. Smelly Softies – Those who use it to bond with fellow durian-lovers

4. Funky & Furry – Those who got it because their pets love durians too

5. And of course, there are the plain hangry ones…

But all in all, it was a good day because despite the pouring rain (we had to protect the durians),

we successfully delivered 1,000 boxes to 1,000 happy passengers. And the smiles on their happy faces make us love doing what we do here at Grab even more.

So that’s a wrap for #GrabDurian this year. For those who missed it, our sincere apologies. But don’t worry. We might be back for more!