Grab Like a Pro Tip #5 – Quickly Find an Address Using a Taxi Stand No. or Postal Code!

Are you up to speed on the Grab app? We’re back with our fifth tip to help you Grab Like A Pro. Follow our series and make your life easier with these simple tips.

Book quickly with a taxi stand number or postal code!

Ever find yourself stuck in a long taxi queue? Or standing by some unknown roadside? With Grab, you’ll never have to be stranded again. Just enter the taxi stand no. in your Grab app to quickly get its address. Or, if you happen to know the postal code, you can use that too. Then you’re just a quick tap away from getting a ride. Follow these simple steps:

STEP 1: Lookout for your taxi stand no. 

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STEP 2: On your booking screen, enter the taxi stand no. or postal code as your Pick-up or Drop-off locations.

Taxi stand no. and postal code

STEP 3: Press the “Book” button and wait for your ride!


That’s how easy it is to get an address by using the taxi stand no. or postal code. Happy Grabbing!