Grab Like A Pro Tip #2 – Go Cashless with GrabPay and Alight Hassle-free

Grab Like A Pro series is back with our next tip! In this series, we are sharing with you simple hacks to make your app works for you!

No need to wait for spare change with GrabPay!

Have you ever been in situations where you did not have enough money or spare change in your wallet, and the driver had to drop you at the nearest ATM machine to withdraw money? Imagine the frustrations when you are already late and rushing for time!

With GrabPay, you can add your credit and/or debit cards to enjoy the convenience of cashless payment. Alight hassle-free every time without worry! Simply,

STEP 1: Tap on Menu.

GrabPay_Tap on Menu

STEP 2: Tap on GrabPay.


STEP 3: Add your credit debit cards, and save.

GrabPay-Add Payment

STEP 4: Tap to choose credit card as your payment method, and you’re all set!

GrabPay_Select Card Payment

There is no limit to the number of credit/debit cards you can add. Don’t worry about the $1 deduction from your credit/debit card, it will be refunded to you within 7 working days!