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With Grab for Work & Concur, you’ll have more time for the important things in life!

Are you spending too much time processing your expenses? Do you wish there was a more automated way to send receipts for payment? Now, there is!

The Grab for Work & Concur partnership allows you to automatically sync your Grab e-receipts to Concur with a just a few easy clicks.

Here are a few simple steps, which can automate your expense process: 


1. Now, a business tag will appear in your Grab app – so, change your tag to “Business”

2. Then, you can auto-send your receipts to Concur via the “Manage” button

And you’re done!

Now, all your Grab for Work tagged receipts will go straight through to your Concur hub for processing, saving you time & effort spent hunting for receipts!

Happy riding,
Grab for Work.

PS. Don’t forget to tag your rides as “Business” to ensure your receipt gets sent to Concur!