Flash. One button, more vehicles than any other app in Singapore.

Getting around Singapore in rush hour or rain can be incredibly stressful. Sometimes you just need a ride, whether it be taxi or car – you just need to get home or not be late for that meeting you’re rushing to.

Our Flash feature allows you to book a ride from our combined pool of Standard Taxis and GrabCars (Economy) with just one button.

No more desperately switching between apps and trying your luck with taxi operator hotlines. Flash bookings reach out to all taxis and cars on the Grab platform – one tap and we’ll assign you the nearest available driver!

It’s simple and it works.


Here’s how to use Flash:

Step 1 – Enter your Pick-up and Drop-off points.

Step 2 – Choose your payment option and tap the Flash button

Step 3 – Book and enjoy your ride!




Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Flash? – It’s a button in the Grab app that gives you access to Singapore’s largest combined fleet of taxis and private cars to deliver you a ride quickly.
  2. Is Flash more expensive? – Using Flash is not more expensive than booking either a taxi or a private car. Plus, we show you our fixed GrabCar fare or estimated taxi fare up front before you proceed with the booking.
  3. Will I actually get a higher chance of getting a driver? – Definitely. We’re really proud of how effective Flash is. Booking via Flash gives you a higher chance of getting a vehicle because it pools together our entire fleet of taxis and private cars to find you a ride as quickly as possible.