Experience the GrabHitch difference for only $2!

 If you think GrabHitch is just another car sharing service in the Grab app, think again!

GrabHitch works by matching drivers and passengers heading the same way, at the same time. It’s not an on-demand service. Drivers choose to share their drives with passengers. With that in mind, we recommend that you make a booking the night before, or at the very least 30 minutes in advance to increase your odds of getting a ride. 

GrabHitch is also mostly people powered. It’s not about profit making. Drivers are everyday commuters, just like the passengers. It’s a way for both of them to enjoy a simple and safe way to commute and meet new people, help realise a car-lite Singapore by reducing the number of cars on the road, and save on their travel costs.

That’s why we call it social travelling. And now you can try it with GrabHitch on Fridays (12 Aug-2 Sep) for only $2 x 2 rides with the promo code HITCHFRIENDS.

New to carpooling? Just Hitch and chill with these friendly tips:


Tip 1: Be prepared. Make a booking in advance the night before.


Tip 2: Be cool. Sit in front and chat with your driver.


Tip 3: No surprises. If you have extra friends or bags, please tell your driver up front.

Terms and conditions apply:

  • $2 rides are available for the entire day.
  • Limited to 2 rides per person every Friday.
  • Valid with credit/debit card (GrabPay) payments only.
  • Promotion runs for 4 Fridays from 12th August to 2nd Sept