What to do when you meet an Accident

In the unfortunate event that you get into an accident, here are four steps to remember.




1. STOP your vehicle at the scene
– Keep calm and do not lose your temper
– Try not to move your vehicle before capturing evidence



2. CHECK for danger or injury
– Call 995 if anyone is seriously injured or in need of medical attention
– Do not move the bodies or vehicles unnecessarily while waiting for help



3. GATHER information
– Take pictures of the damaged and surrounding areas
– Get as much evidence as possible
– Note the place and time of accident
– Exchange particulars of involved parties

  • Full name
  • NRIC
  • Address
  • Contact Number
  • Car Registration Number
  • Name of Insurance Company


4. REPORT the accident (recommended within 24hrs or 1 business day)
– You are required to make a police report when accident involves injury/death/pedestrian/cyclist/government or foreign vehicles/government property
– Call your insurer’s hotline to report even if you are not making a claim

Report to Grab’s 24-hour hotline (65) 6655 0005