This weekend, earn up to 3X usual fares, guaranteed!

Boost your income with up to 3X Fare Boost this weekend!

Remember: Fare Boost is the minimum you’re guaranteed to earn, so you can drive worry free!

Guaranteed Fare Boost is better than ever during Friday peak hours, with:

  • Higher than ever 2.8X Boost from 8-9am for Redhill & Queenstown, Central and Northeast regions
  • 2.6-3.0X Boost from 5-8pm in CBD, Redhill & Queenstown and Central regions

No minimum fares to qualify.

Click on the following links to find out more about Guaranteed Fare Boost. English video / 华文版

How to read this table:
  • The numbers in the table show the fare boost amount for each time and location block. Example: You are guaranteed 3.0 times the total Usual Fare for all trips starting from CBD, Redhill and Queenstown that you complete between 17.00 to 19.59 on Friday. Grab will top up any difference in earnings should you not earn this amount.
  • Regions and time blocks with the same fare boost are grouped into a single block. For example, the fare boost for trips starting from CBD and Redhill & Queenstown is 2.2 times from 16.00 – 16.59. This is why you only see one fare block for that time/region.There are 30 fare blocks from Friday to Sunday.
  • The fare boost region for each trip is based on the pick up location of the trip. An interactive map is available at, where you can zoom in for more details and search for specific locations to see which region it is in.
  • Usual fare may be found in driver job history. For more details, please refer to our FAQs.

Make sure you satisfy the following criteria to qualify for incentives:

Acceptance rate (AR)
above 80%
Cancel rate (CR)
below 10%
At least
4.3 star rating

Cars owned by
other ride-sharing
platforms excluded.


Your Changi Airport Guide

Please be reminded that private hire vehicles are not allowed to pick up passengers from the taxi queue or departure areas at Changi Airport.


Where are the arrival pick-up points?

Please proceed to the following pick-up points, depending on which terminal your passenger is at.
  • Changi Airport Terminal 1 (Arrival Hall)
  • Changi Airport Terminal 2 (Arrival Hall)
  • Changi Airport Terminal 3 (Arrival Hall)

Your passenger should be at the arrival pick-up point. Please call to confirm their exact location (e.g. Door 1, Door 2, etc.) in order to start the trip.

For a detailed layout of the arrival halls, please refer here

Your New & Improved Driver App

Your driver app is getting a fresh new look & great new features!

The update will be gradually made available over the weekend. Update your app to v5.7.4 by Sunday night to continue enjoying uninterrupted access. This is a compulsory update so do update this at your convenience over the weekend.

In the new v5.7.4 update, some of the features you can expect are below

  • Heat Maps: Know where to go
  • Cleaner user interface (e.g. drop-off will not be shown on the pick up screen)
  • Improved booking flow
  • Home Screen Update (Toggle available for jobs)
  • and much more! (read more here)

Refer-a-friend and earn more!

 Enjoy the freedom of driving with Grab? Share your experience with a friend! If they sign up from now to 19 November, both of you can earn up to $2,850 extra on top of all our other incentives.


  1. Applies only if new partner rents via GrabRentals & collects car by 19 November 2016. GrabRentals is a vehicle rental marketplace where Grab works with leading fleets in Singapore to bring you the widest choice of vehicles at the best prices.
  2. Reward Eligibility:
    1. Referrer: paid in CASH if the new partner earns $500 in total fares within 2 weeks of activation. Payment made by Week 4.
    2. ALL New Partners: Up to $150 start-up credit is given upon activation; (i) $50 Welcome Credit & (ii) $100 ACRA biz owner.
    3. New Partner renting from GrabRentals: paid up to $2,400 (80% CASH & 20% CREDIT). Details & T&Cs here.
    4. New Partner (drive own car & rent from others) is paid up to $350 & $100 (CREDIT) respectively.
      • Payment made by Week 4 if new partner earns $500 in total fares within 2 weeks of activation.
      • Total fares excludes surcharges (e.g. waiting time, additional stops, ERP). Only includes fare shown on the job card in the driver app.
  3. Does not apply to new partners who rent vehicles owned by other ride-hailing companies.
  4. Applies to GrabCar (Economy), GrabCar Economy 6-Seater, GrabCar Premium & GrabFamily unique trips only.

Your friend MUST be present upon registration and indicate your name and NRIC as the referrer in the application form. NO requests to add after submission will be entertained.

Join our Loyalty Program and earn EXTRA!

Don’t miss your chance to enroll for our loyalty program! You could earn up to $100 extra every week just by driving with us! Both new and existing drivers eligible.


*Terms & conditions apply. Find out more here.

GrabCar Economy Incentives Terms & Conditions

  • If there are repeated passengers, only the trip that occurs first will be considered.
  • Unless otherwise stated, only completed trips for GrabCar 4-Seater Economy, GrabCar 6-Seater Economy & GrabFamily are eligible for incentives.
  • Jobs outside of Singapore are not allowed and do not count.
  • For any fare top up by Grab, the usual Grab commissions apply. This includes fare boost guarantee incentives and minimum fare top ups.
  • 20% of fare boost guarantee incentives is paid in credit.
  • Always maintain a driver rating of at least 4.3 stars & abide by GrabCar’s Code of Conduct . Grab reserves the sole & absolute right to forfeit incentives & suspend accounts of Partners whose (i) driver ratings fall below 4.3 (ii) cancellation rates exceed 15% (iii) display conduct that Grab considers inappropriate or unacceptable. Grab’s decision is final and conclusive – requests for appeal and review will not be entertained.
  • Grab reserves the right to withdraw, amend and/or alter any part or the whole terms and conditions of driver incentives at any time without prior notice.