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Thank Your Lucky Star Rating: How Grab’s Star Rating Works

Every Grab Partner has a star rating — but how does it work and what does it mean for you?

As a Grab Driver-Partner, at the end of every trip, you will be given a rating between 1 and 5 stars. But how does the star system work and what does it mean for you?

Q: Why have a star rating in the first place?
A: The star ratings system helps Grab keep a high standard of service that we can all be proud of. It also helps us keep track of passenger satisfaction and maintain high partner quality – key reasons why Grab is as popular as it is today!

Q: How is it calculated?
A: After a trip is completed, your passenger will rate their experience on a scale of 1 to 5 stars. The system will then calculate your star rating based on the average of your last 100 ratings in the past year.

For a quick check of your current star rating, you can do so right in the app:

NoteYour current rating is updated twice daily at fixed intervals. That’s why changes in your rating value may not come from the rating that the last passenger gave to you. See Annex A for the detailed calculations.

Q: How many stars are good enough?
A: The majority of you are doing a fantastic job so far! The average star rating across all our Grab Partners currently stands at 4.8. Use that as your target and work towards it!

P/S: The star ratings is a key consideration for Grab to identify the top performing partners and shower them with rewards. See Annex B for an idea of how star ratings are distributed.

Q: What happens if your star rating is below the average?
A: You zoom into the areas of improvement that your passengers have suggest for you in the weekly feedback emails. Do this, and you will be pulling your star ratings up in no time at all, especially when over 90% of passengers usually give 5-star ratings!

Q: Are there practical tips to improve your star rating?
A: The top 10% of driver-partners enjoy consistent 5-star ratings. And you can be just like them with the following tips:

  • At all times:
    • Keep your vehicle clean, well-maintained and pleasant-smelling
    • Dress appropriately
  • At pick up
    • Greet the passenger by name (“Good morning, Mr Tan. Welcome to Grab.”)
      • This  help you to avoid picking up the wrong passenger
    • Confirm the destination
    • Remind the passenger to fasten his/her seat belt 
      • Pro-tips:
        • If you are able to, help the passenger travelling with wheelchair, childseat, heavy luggages or bags 
        • If you’re heading to the airport, ask the passenger if he has his passport
  • During the trip:
    • Drive safely, smoothly and adhere to the speed limits
    • Refrain from harsh and sudden braking
    • Stay alert and do not play with your handphone while driving
    • Ask if the air-conditioning is too hot or cold
    • Avoid loud music
    • Keep conversations positive and professional
  • At drop off :
    • Stop at a safe and convenient location, especially if it is raining or along a busy road
    • Thank the passenger for the ride
    • Remind them to take their belongings
    • Advise on the total fare and toll fee additions (this helps avoid fare disputes)
      • Pro-tips:
        • If you are able to, help pax travelling with wheelchair, childseat, heavy luggages or bags with the door or boot
        • Drop at a safe and convenient location, especially if it is raining or along a busy road

And that’s it! We wish you the best of luck on the road and the highest possible star rating. As you can see, getting into the top 10 percent is easy if you try. As for those already in the top 10 percent, keep up the great work!

Annex A and B