A New Way to Maximise Your Drive!


More FAQs:

Q: How does Back2Back Jobs (soon to clear) work?

A: Back2Back Jobs is a new feature within the Grab driver’s app, that can help you maximise your time on the road. It allows you to accept a new booking, when you are close to your current drop-off point. This is similar to taxi’s soon to clear function.

Q: How do I become eligible for a Back2Back Job?

A: This feature will be automatically rolled out to all drivers over time. Just ensure that you update your app to the latest version. You will only be assigned a Back2Back job if you are close to the drop off point for your current job, and the app makes sure that you are just 5-10 minutes away from the next passenger’s pick-up location.

Q: Can you toggle on/off for Back2Back Jobs?

A: Back2Back jobs is not a feature that you can turn off. If you are currently on a job and do not want to take another job once you drop off your passenger, just swipe the “Available for jobs” button to the left. Please note however that by doing this, you will not receive ANY jobs until you swipe “Available for jobs” button back to the right.