Stay On Top of Your Incentive Earnings all on the App!

Track Your Incentives Straight from the App

Introducing our latest Driver App feature, In-App Incentives – designed to make it easier for you to track your incentives straight from your app!

How does this feature help me?

  • See all current and past incentives you’re eligible for in the app
  • See how you’ve performed, and how much you’ve earned from a scheme
  • Find out which trips counted towards your incentives with just a few taps. No more need for manual tracking!

– Incentive Schemes are only visible a day after it starts (e.g. a scheme that starts on a Monday and runs till Sunday, will only be visible on the app on Tuesday).
– All incentive schemes can be found in the app unless otherwise stated.
– Your incentive progress data is not updated real-time. Data shown in the app is usually accurate as of the previous day.

How does it work?

Viewing Your Incentives:
From the navigation menu of the driver app, tap on Incentives.

Incentives Main Screen:
There are two tabs in the Incentives section:

1. Latest Schemes tab

Displays a list of incentive schemes you are eligible for that are currently in progress. Tap on a scheme to view the T&Cs of the scheme, as well as the progress you have made in the scheme.




Note: The Qualified Rides and Progress data shown in your app is not updated in real time. The data is updated at the start of each day & is only inclusive of your progress up until midnight of the day before (e.g. Today is Tuesday, you will only see your progress data up to 11:59pm of Monday)

Tap on the individual schemes to find out more about each incentive (e.g. which rides qualify for the scheme & your progress for each scheme).

2. Ended Schemes tab

Displays incentive schemes that have ended in the past 30 days, as well as whether you qualified for payment for each scheme. When your incentive status is:

  • Qualified: You will be able to see your estimated incentive payout amount & details of trips you completed that were eligible under this scheme.
  • Criteria not matched: This means that you did not meet the eligibility criteria for this incentive scheme and hence did not qualify for any incentive payment. Tap on the scheme to view your incentive results as well as the reason why you did not qualify for this incentive