Tuesday April 11th, 2017

Drive with Grab and Retake Control of Your Career

Perhaps you’ve lost your job, a hammer blow that came out of nowhere. Or maybe you’re stuck in a dead-end career with a boss who pays you little and respects you even less.

Either way, there can be a tendency to feel that these things happen to us without our consent or control.

But we’ve got news for you: there is hope, and there is a way to get back into the driver’s seat when it comes to your career and your happiness.

Speak Up

The problem: you’re not doing what you enjoy. The solution: say “no” more.

So often, we feel that we will disappoint our superiors, colleagues or friends if we say no to requests. But this leads you into a cycle of agreeing to any and every task or chore that is put in front of you. Very quickly, that takes control out of your hands. And that powerless feeling can be draining.

Of course, many jobs don’t offer a framework where you can make those decisions, and only take on projects you want. But as a Grab driver, you decide when to say “yes” to a fare — the choice is yours.

Find Time to Find Yourself

Recently, a survey revealed that 55 percent of Singaporeans feel they don’t have enough quality family time, because work eats up all their hours. That figure was a 12 percent increase on the previous year. So it seems spare time is becoming ever more rare. That means we don’t have time to really get in touch with ourselves, and ask what we want in life.

The answers? Find a job that offers you some flexibility with time. With Grab, you’re able to choose when and how long you work. How would you like to earn more than $5,000 at a job that doesn’t require you to turn up from 9–5? Or maybe you prefer to work on weekends, not weekdays? Behind the wheel, the choice is yours.

Take Control of Linking Your Paycheck to Your Performance

In most jobs, you can put in days of overtime, or even useful facetime with the boss — and it still won’t add up to higher earnings. At best, they may say, “Sorry, we don’t have the budget.” At worst, they won’t even mention your extra hard work at all.

One solution is to track your extra hours, and the extra advantages this offers your business, and agree on a locked-in bonus system that offers guaranteed rewards. At Grab, we recognise and reward hard work with our incentives.

Still, finding a company that is so open and caring towards their employees can often be a matter of luck — especially when business need to tighten their belts and think mainly about bottom-line profits. It’s even more difficult to find a good support system among colleagues, if you work in these companies.

At Grab, we look beyond the meter. Grab drivers regularly share traffic tips and experiences via community chats and forums — and the company listens, always looking out for ways to help the community better. If you’re looking to make money within a close-knit working community, you know where to sign up: Grab.


Wonder how much you’ll earn? Well, stop guessing. Simply key in the hours you’d like to drive, and you’ll get to see your potential weekly earnings! You’ll be able to plan your time on the road to pay off your car, fund your kid’s education or even go on that dream vacation!


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