One simple click to indicate “No Shows” & other cancel reasons!

One Simple Click to indicate “No Shows” & other cancel reasons!

Now, it’s even simpler to tell us why you unfortunately had to cancel a trip request.

Indicate “No Shows” & other cancel reasons via the Grab Driver app!

To unlock this feature, simply update your app!


It’s simple to use this feature:

DRD Incentives Till 19 March (Edit)

Your improved cancellation options now include
(Note: We will follow up with passengers based on your input)
  1. Accepted in error (you accidentally accepted a trip request)
  2. Passenger no show (you wait at the pickup for over 5 minutes, but passenger can’t be found or contacted)
  3. Can’t reach in time (you can’t honour the trip due to traffic conditions, vehicle breakdown, etc.)
  4. Passenger request to cancel (you were asked by passenger to cancel)

Closure of SMS/Whatsapp reporting for “No Shows”

  • For trips after 20 Mar 2359 hrs: Report all “No Shows” conveniently via your Grab Driver app only
  • For trips before 20 Mar 2359 hrs: Please inform us via WhatsApp/SMS before 27 March 2359 hrs
    Partners on Android Version 4.0.2 (Ice Cream Sandwich) may continue to WhatsApp/SMS us for trips up to 26 March (inform us by 27 Mar 2359 hrs).

Revision of “No Show” & Passenger Cancel Goodwill Credit Policy

We understand it can be frustrating when passengers fail to honour their trip request. That’s why GrabCar Economy provides you with Goodwill Credit when this occurs (we don’t charge the passenger for this). From 21 March, our revised No Show” & Passenger Cancel Good Will Credit policy is as follows:
  • “No show” reported via driver app (at least 10 min after trip assigned) : $2 credit
  • “Passenger cancel” reported via passenger’s app only (at least 5 min after trip assigned): $2 credit