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*New Policy Update* Passenger Cancellation Policy

We’ve heard your feedback and understand it can be frustrating when passengers fail to honour their trip request. That’s why we’ve reviewed our passenger cancellation policy starting today, 10th September 2018!

With these new changes, please do not ask passengers to cancel rides to maintain a pleasant experience for everyone.

(1) Reviewed fees and frequency of cancellations
As part of our commitment to provide the best ride-hailing service for you, the number of times a passenger can cancel without being charged has been reduced from 10 to 2. That means, cancellation fees will be incurred when passengers cancel 3 or more times, across a rolling 7 day period.

*These rates apply for all Grab Services except for GrabHitch, across a rolling 7 day period

(2) Passenger App Update
To help decrease such cancellations, we’ve also added a new feature to our passenger app. Passengers can now see how far you are via the new navigation bar located at the bottom of the screen before bookings are made.

(3) “No Show” & Passenger Cancel Goodwill Credit Policy
Grab will continue to provide you with Goodwill Credit for any passenger cancellation that meets our policy. A friendly reminder of our Passenger “No Show” & Passenger Cancel goodwill credit policy is as follows:

  • “No show” reported via driver app (at least 10 min after trip assigned) : $2 credit
  • “Passenger cancel” reported via passenger’s app only (at least 5 min after trip assigned): $4 cash

Payment will be processed on a weekly basis. Passenger “No Show” & “Passenger Cancel” from Monday 0000hrs to Sunday 2359hrs, payment will be processed and you will receive the payment in your Driver’s Credit Wallet by every Monday 2359hrs.

Happy Grabbing!


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