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Minimum Weekly Acceptance Rates (AR) starting 13 Nov

We have noticed a trend of very low ARs among some partners. This behaviour results in a bad experience for everyone: longer wait times between jobs, slower job allocations, and far away pick-up points.

To improve the experience for you, Grab is introducing a minimum AR requirement of 30% that encourages all partners to accept jobs whenever online. This means you’ll receive jobs faster so more of your time is spent earning fares!

If your AR is already above 30%, thank you so much!  This new policy will not affect you.

Terms & Conditions

As this takes into account weekly AR, please note that this is applicable for all taxi types.

Friendly reminder:

  • Grab job cards will always communicate all information you need (Destination, Fares) upfront at any AR level.
  • If you are unable to take jobs, please remember to switch to offline so your AR and CR will not be affected.
  • According to our goodwill credit policy, should passengers be a “no show”, Grab will compensate you with $2 credit. Read more about the Passenger cancellation policy here.

Let’s work together to make it a pleasant Grab experience for everyone.

Team Grab

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why did Grab implement a Weekly AR requirement?
At Grab, we place a heavy emphasis on ensuring that everyone has a pleasant experience with us. There are 2 groups of people who are affected by low ARs:

  • Partners who have to wait for an extra long time to receive a job, and also have to travel further for pick up destinations.
  • Passengers who have to book multiple times because no one accepts their jobs.

Hence, this rule was put in place to eliminate such problems and improve the experience for passengers and partners alike.

Q: How does the Weekly AR requirement work?
Partners are recommended to maintain a weekly AR of above 30% to maximise their earnings on the road. Should partners be unable to maintain the rating, they should ensure that it is at a maximum of 2 times per calendar quarter. A notification will be sent on the Monday of the following week in the event a partner gets a rating of less than 30%. This count will refresh every 3 months.

This is an example of Mr Lee performance:

Quarter 1:

  • At the end of Week 4 of Jan, Mr Lee committed his first offence by achieving less than 30% in AR. He receives his first notification.
  • At the end of Week 1 of Feb, Mr Lee continues to maintain a AR of less than 30%. He receives a second notification informing him of his suspension for a week. He resumes driving on Week 3 of Feb.
  • However, at the end of Week 2 of Mar, Mr Lee attained an AR of less than 30% for the 3rd time. This caused him receive harsher action, which could include being permanently banned from the Grab platform.

Quarter 2:

  • Mr Lee is unable to drive with Grab as he had been permanently banned.

Here’s an example of Mr Tan’s performance:

Quarter 1:

  • At the end of Week 4 of Jan, Mr Tan committed his first offence by receiving less than 30% in AR. He receives his first notification.
  • On Week 1 of Mar, Mr Tan attained AR of less than 30% for the second time. He receives another notification informing him of his suspension for a week. He resumes work on the Week 3 for Mar.
  • In total, he got an AR of less than 30% twice in the first quarter of the year.

Quarter 2:

  • Mr Lee receives an AR of less than 30% on Week 3 of Apr. It is once again his first offence as it is the start of a new quarter.

Q: Is Grab really looking out for its partners?
Yes, we are. When too many partners have a low AR, it takes longer for jobs to get the partner who’s ready to accept. So you end up spending more time waiting for jobs. We want to prevent that from affecting you.

Our customer service team and trainers are available to help you improve your AR. If you have trouble attaining an AR of above 30%, please head down to Grab @ Sin Ming to meet with our friendly support staff.