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Looking to pick up one last passenger to go home?

Are you ready to head home after hitting your incentive for the day?

Are you in a low-demand area and want to find a pax to drive to a hotspot?

Use GrabHitch and take control! 

When you use GrabHitch, you choose who you want to pick up, where you pick up or drop off and when you do the ride. All you need to do to get started is to install the Grab Passenger App and upload a few photos to submit your driver application. You can even sign up with your rental car so why not sign up now?

For this week only, sign up with referral code Graboctober and do just TWO Hitch rides on Friday 21st to receive $30 in your Hitch driver wallet.*

To make sure you’re approved and able to do 2 rides by Friday you should apply as soon as possible as we take 1-2 working days to process driver applications.

T&Cs apply*

Click HERE to sign up and drive for GrabHitch or read more about our service below.

Benefits of using GrabHitch


Find a passenger going back to your home area immediately.
You’re ready to go home and would like to find a pax going the same direction. You can choose passengers who are going where you want to go in the timing that you want with GrabHitch. Never go home with an empty car again!


0% Service fee
GrabHitch is currently not taking any service fees for all rides. This means 100% earnings will go straight to you!


Enjoy a more social ride
With GrabHitch, our passengers are educated to treat you like a friend and be more sociable. They are encouraged to sit in the front seat and have interesting chats with you!

Some of your fellow GrabCar Partners are using GrabHitch daily and love it!


“For GrabHitch, I would usually plan my route. It is very convenient. At the same time, I can cover petrol cost and maximize the number of seats in my car. I feel that Grabhitch passengers are generally more patient and more understanding.”
Mr Robin Loh, GrabCar Partner 


“I have been using GrabHitch for about 2 months and really love the experience so far. I can get to make new friends while saving petrol as I use GrabHitch for my 1st and last ride going home”
Mr Neo Guo Yong, GrabCar Partner

Here’s how to sign up using the Grab Passenger App:


FAQ for GrabCar partners

How does GrabHitch work?


How much commission does GrabHitch take from my rides?
We take ZERO 0% commission from your GrabHitch rides so you will earn full 100% fares from passengers you hitch.

How much can I earn from GrabHitch rides?
The average GrabHitch fare is between $8-12.

Should I charge passengers for ERP fares or additional waiting time?
No, unlike GrabCar, GrabHitch fares exclude additional charges. Do not charge for ERP or additional waiting time.

Is payment via Cash or GrabPay?
Both Cash & GrabPay payment modes are supported. Just like GrabCar, you always see the payment mode before you accept the job.

Will GrabHitch bookings affect my AR/CR/Driver Rating?
No. GrabHitch is a social service separate from GrabCar.

What are the requirements? Can I register using my existing vehicle?
As an approved GrabCar partner, you already fulfil our requirements! Simply sign up using your existing vehicle (both rental & own vehicles accepted).

Note: For future vehicles changes, you need to change your GrabCar & GrabHitch information separately. For GrabHitch, simply update the GrabHitch team via email ( with your old and new vehicle plate numbers and re-submit your new vehicle image through the GrabHitch app!

Click HERE to sign up and drive for GrabHitch

*Terms and Conditions

  • Referral code ‘Graboctober’ only valid for new GrabHitch driver signups
  • To qualify for the $30 incentive, GrabHitch drivers have to provide 2 Hitch rides on Friday 21st and have signed up with ‘Graboctober’
  • The $30 incentive will be processed and credited into the GrabHitch driver wallet and will take 7-12 working days
  • GrabHitch rides do not count towards your GrabCar driver incentives