Incentives for New Drivers (activated from 15-21 August)

Enjoy the BEST guarantees in Singapore, only with GRAB!

 Your average fare guarantees applies to all GrabCar Economy trips. That means 4-Seater, 6-Seater & GrabFamily trips are all included!  Do note that the AR/CR criteria used for Average Fare Guarantees will be based on trip requests you receive across all the 3 vehicle types.

Drive with peace of mind with guaranteed earnings with every single trip.

No complicated TPH or online hour requirements!

Pro Tip: Passenger demand starts picking up from 6am and 4pm onwards on weekdays.
So try coming online earlier to make the most of the evening rush hour demand!

Grab-A-Friend for extra income!

Enjoy the freedom of driving with GRAB? Why not share your experience with a friend?
If they sign up with GrabCar, we’ll reward both of you with bonus CASH!
Here’s how it works:

 The Best Hotspots to Earn!

Looking to earn more? Check out the following hotspots at these times – these areas typically have more passengers than drivers, so fares tend to be higher than in other areas!


GrabCar Economy Incentives Terms & Conditions

  • All fare calculations are based on the fixed price displayed on job card when the trip is assigned. This excludes surcharges for additional stops, waiting time and tolls, etc.
  • If there are repeated passengers, only the trip that occurs first will be considered.
  • Jobs outside of Singapore are not allowed and do not count.
  • For the convenience of drivers, 20% of average fare guarantee incentives will be paid in credit.
  • Always maintain a driver rating of more than 4.3 stars & abide by GrabCar’s Code of Conduct . Grab reserves the sole & absolute right to forfeit incentives & suspend accounts of Partners whose (i) driver ratings fall below 4.3 (ii) cancellation rates exceed 15% (iii) display conduct that Grab considers inappropriate or unacceptable. Grab’s decision is final and conclusive – requests for appeal and review will not be entertained.
  • Grab reserves the right to withdraw, amend and/or alter any part or the whole terms and conditions of driver incentives at any time without prior notice.