GrabHitch Driver Referral Program (September 2019)

It Pays To Spread The Love 👩👨

Refer your friends or colleagues to drive with Hitch and they too, can enjoy great cost savings through carpooling and Hitch Club, our all-new driver loyalty programme which provides a whole range of benefits.

Refer & Get Rewarded

For every successful referral made, you and your Referred Friend get $20* each

Check out more exclusive deals on fuel, motor insurance and car servicing that Hitch Club has to offer.

How to make a successful referral:

  1. Your Referred Friend signs up using your Grab-registered mobile number (65xxxxxxxx) as his/her referral code.
  2. Your Referred Friend completes his/her first ride as a GrabHitch Driver within 30 days after his/her approval date.


*Terms & Conditions

  • This Driver Referral Program runs from 1 September 2019 @ 00:00 hours – 30 September 2019 @ 23:59 hours. 
  • For Hitch Drivers who are also passengers – this program takes precedence over the Passenger Referral Program, so your referral will be registered as a Driver referral instead of Passenger referral.
  • Existing and new Hitch Drivers who are suspected to be gaming the system will be thoroughly investigated and GrabHitch reserves the right and discretion to take necessary actions in such instances.
  • GrabHitch reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time without prior notification.
  • By participating in the Driver Referral Program, you agree to have read and understood these terms.

Referrer – Existing Hitch Driver

  • A successful referral means that your Referred Friend signs up using your Grab-registered mobile number (65xxxxxxxx) as referral code and completes his/her first ride as a GrabHitch Driver by 30 September 2019 @ 23:59 hours.
  • You will only receive the incentive if you made a successful referral within the month. 
  • You will NOT be rewarded with the incentive if your Referred Friend’s first GrabHitch ride is given to you.
  • The incentive will be credited to your GrabHitch Driver wallet within 10 working days after the month you completed your first ride. 

Referred – New Hitch Driver

  • The Driver Referral Program is only eligible for drivers who have never signed up as a GrabHitch Driver.
  • You have to apply with a valid Hitch Driver’s mobile number (65xxxxxxxx) and complete 1 successful GrabHitch ride as a driver by 30 September 2019 @ 23:59 hours to qualify as a successful referral.

For any enquiries on our Driver Referral program, visit our Help Centre