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Keep the Kampung Spirit alive!

GrabHitch brings people together and our community is bringing back the KAMPUNG Spirit! Instead of taking the usual taxi, bus or train to work, our Hitch drivers and riders are sharing their cars while headed to the same destinations, and becoming good friends and neighbours in the process! At GrabHitch, we believe that you can meet the nicest people while Hitching.

What else is there to know?

  • Anyone with a valid driving license can sign up with GrabHitch
  • Applicants only need to apply through the Grab App and sign up takes less than 5 minutes
  • GrabHitch drivers choose their passengers, and they do rides only at their own convenience – there is no commitment!
  • GrabHitch allows drivers to meet new people while travelling to and from home / work / school, without additional hassle!

Just to get you started on this awesome platform, get $20 credit in your driver wallet when you sign up and complete ONE ride as a GrabHitch driver with referral code KAMPUNG20!*

Some fantastic reasons to give Hitch a try 

1. Never watch football alone again
If you’re the only one in your family supporting the team in red, or if you simply want to get more reinforcements, try Hitch and see if you can find a fellow fan! You can even watch a game together with your new friend after your Hitch ride !


2. New to the neighbourhood?
GrabHitch allows Hitch drivers to pick passengers with similar route variations, so they can pick up people who are going along the same direction. For people who are new or unfamiliar with a particular area, Hitch is the perfect way to meet people who live or work around you. Which brings us to another point…

3. Tired of eating lunch alone or finding good food hard to find?
Find your meal buddy through Hitch! They already live/work near you and chances are, they might know a great spot to Grab a bite! Who knows, they might even introduce you to some awesome food in your area!

kg spirit-05

4. Block Party!
Your next New Year’s bash doesn’t have to be far away! Meet friends in the neighbourhood and you can be sure your next party will be a happening one!

5. Commute, communicate, collaborate!
GrabHitch is all about working together – whether it’s to make the commutes to and from work more affordable for everyone involved, or even getting each other’s kids to school on time. You’ll both being going the same way, so put your empty seats to good use and you’ll reduce your carbon footprint, recover your petrol costs at the same time.


6. Maximise & Economise!
Maximise the utility of your car: your car was built to seat more than one person for a reason – instead of driving to work with seats to spare, make every seat count and do your bit to optimise car use in Singapore. At the same time, car ownership can be a lot more economical than you think. Providing a hitch daily on your regular commute can substantially recover costs of owning a car! Some of our Hitch drivers use it to offset their petrol costs completely. Win-Win!

Bring back the Kampung Spirit and Sign-up today!


Signing up as a driver takes less than 5 minutes!

  1. Navigate to the GrabHitch tab in the Grab passenger app
  2. Click on the BLUE Drive Icon at the GrabHitch tab to sign up as a driver
  3. Upload photos of your driving licence (front and back), a selfie and your vehicle details.
  4. You MUST enter your referral code KAMPUNG20 to get your $20 credit after you completed your first GrabHitch ride as a GrabHitch driver.


Terms and Conditions:

  • This incentive is only eligible for new drivers who sign up and successfully complete 1 Hitch ride as a driver between 30th November 2016 @ 00:00 hours – 28th February 2017 @ 12:00 hours.
  • New drivers must sign up with the referral code KAMPUNG20 in order to qualify for the $20 credit incentive.
  • The processing of the $20 credit incentive will only be conducted after the incentive period has ended (post-28th February 2017).
  • Please allow up to 10 working days for the crediting of the $20 incentive into Hitch driver wallets.
  • GrabHitch reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at anytime without prior notice.