Important LTA update on in-car recording devices for public service vehicles🎙

Dear Commercial Drivers on GrabHitch,

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) has updated guidelines regarding the use and installation of inward-facing in-vehicle recording devices (IVRDs) for public service vehicles. Please note that this new regulation only applies to commercial drivers (you have a vocational license and you drive a Private Hire Vehicle). If you would like to have an inward-facing IVRD in your vehicle, we are here to help ensure you have the information you need  to be compliant with LTA regulations.

This is what you need to know: 

Effective immediately, you need to obtain authorisation from LTA to install and use any inward-facing IVRD. Unauthorised installation of inward-facing IVRD may receive 21 demerit points, and a suspension from the platform.

Please note that the guidelines also include the following:

  1. Only authorised personnel in relevant Government agencies are allowed access to the recordings for supporting investigation and enforcement efforts.
  2. Authorised IVRDs are not allowed to be tampered with and you should not manually turn the recording off in any situation.
Here is what you need to do if you currently have an IVRD that is currently not authorised by LTA:
  • Remove any previously-installed inward-facing recording devices that has not been authorised.
  • If you have an outward-facing recording device, please switch off the interior audio recording.
Here is what you need to do if you want to install an IVRD to improve safety:
  1. Installation of inward-facing IVRDs in your vehicle is optional. To apply for the installation of inward-facing IVRD, please fill in this application form and submit it to
  2. Please visit LTA’s website for the full guidelines, detailed installation locations and procedures.
  3. After you’ve installed the authorised IVRD at one of the three approved installation centres, you will need to inform Grab within 24 hours by submitting the relevant documents (provided by the installation centre) at this link.
  4. When your IVRD is authorised by LTA, we will also inform all passengers that their ride is installed with a compliant IVRD to enhance their safety.

Thank you for your commitment to safety!

With you,
GrabHitch Community