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3 smart saving tips every driver should know ūüöó

Owning a car in Singapore is expensive, with many costs involved that go beyond its purchase price. Besides helping you recover car-costs through GrabHitch, we are working with these partners to help you save more!

Earn credit card rewards on car loan and season parking payments

  • Using CardUp, you’ll be able to make these payments via your credit card, even if cards are not accepted.
  • This allows you to get¬†up to¬†5% cash back¬†or¬†2 miles per dollar.¬†Calculate how much you can get back from your payments¬†here.
  • As a Hitch Club Driver, enjoy your¬†first CardUp payment at a 0% fee*, and a discounted¬†2.4% fee* (u.p. 2.6%) on all other transactions till 30 June 2019. Learn more¬†here.

Make sure you are getting the best deal for your petrol

  • As petrol is a recurring cost, little savings add up!
  • Hence, get the best petrol deal by comparing (i) actual pump prices (via eg.¬†Petrol Watch Singapore), (ii)¬†credit card offers, and (iii) other additional cash back.
  • For example, as a Hitch Club Driver, you get up to¬†$25 additional cash back+¬†monthly as long as you pump >100L in a month. Just register¬†here.

Compare the price of your motor insurance yearly

  • Instead of relying solely on your agent to help you renew your motor insurance, you could compare¬†prices easily online to find the best deal.
  • As a Hitch Club Driver, get¬†$150 cash back^¬†when you purchase a new motor insurance policy from Etiqa. This is on top of any on-going¬†promotions.¬†Purchase¬†here¬†with the referral code: “HITCHCLUB“.

*CardUp T&Cs can be found here. ^Etiqa T&Cs can be found here, +Shell T&Cs can be found here.