Receive your cashouts in 1 day! $50 min withdrawal required.


Hi Hitch Drivers,

Since 2.5 months ago, the GrabHitch team has been preparing for a better payment experience for our driver community. After 3 rounds of beta testing, we are ready to unveil the launch of 1D Cashout to all Hitch Drivers!


What’s 1D Cashout?

With 1D Cashout, it takes ONLY 1 working day to receive your cashout in your bank account, instead of having to wait up to 10 working days previously.

Note that the minimum withdrawal amount per cashout is $50. Otherwise, you’ll encounter the following error message:


Why is GrabHitch doing this?

Our quarterly Customer Satisfaction surveys have revealed a consistent insight – our community wishes for a faster cashout.

As such, we strived to cut down your waiting time from 10 working days to 3 days and finally to 1 day by running various trials. In the final round of beta test, the largely positive feedback from our test group has cemented our decision to launch 1D Cashout for everyone!


Why is there a minimum withdrawal amount of $50?

To control our operating costs so that we can channel the savings into enhancing our product, improving your experience and bringing you greater deals and rewards.

Do I have to sign up for 1D Cashout?

Every Hitch Driver will be automatically enrolled into 1D Cashout. There is no need to sign up!

Can I opt out of this feature?

Not at this moment. However, we will constantly monitor feedback from our drivers and tweak the feature accordingly.

What if I can’t drive GrabHitch anymore and I have balance in my driver wallet?

If your wallet balance is at least $50, you may cash out in the app and receive the amount in your bank account the next working day.

However, if your wallet balance is less than $50, please fill in the form here for us to deactivate your Hitch Driver account and process cashout on your behalf.