Happy March! Enjoy these incentives this week.

Your weekly GrabCar Incentives

For more info on this week’s GrabCar incentives, refer to the email sent to you.

If you have not received it, check your Spam folder and add no-reply@grabcar.com to your Address Book or Contacts to prevent our future emails from being filtered out as spam. If it is also not in your Spam folder, contact Customer Service to verify accuracy of your Grab-registered email address & for further assistance.

Drive to these areas to enjoy 1.8x Fare Boosts

This Monday to Friday, enjoy fare boosts of 1.8x for GrabFamily and GrabCar Economy 4 & 6 Seater trips when you head to these high demand regions!

Remember: Fare Boost is the minimum you’re guaranteed to earn, so you can drive worry free!

No minimum fares to qualify. Click on the following links to find out more about Guaranteed Fare Boost. English video / 华文版

Need help reading this table? Click on our FAQs to learn more.

Drive worry free: Up to 1.3x for all GrabShare trips!

From Monday to Sunday, enjoy fares at 1.3x for unmatched GrabShare trip and at 1.1x for matched GrabShare trips. You’re also guaranteed at minimum fare of $5 for each ride!

This limited time fare top-up means you don’t have to worry about earning less. Every trip on GrabShare will earn you an extra bonus to make it worth your while.


  • This incentive applies to all GrabShare trips only. You will receive 1.3x of the fare for an unmatched GrabShare trip and 1.1x of the fare for matched GrabShare trip.
  • Complete the training here to be eligible for this incentive
  • No AR/CR/DR criteria for this incentive, but do note that GrabShare bookings will affect your AR/CR/DR for normal GrabCar incentives.
  • 20% commission applies to fare top-ups which will be paid in CASH.

Don’t miss out on  your Driver for Driver Benefits

Here’s a treat: our new Driver for Driver Benefits (DFDB) features discounts and special promotions by fellow GrabCar drivers, exclusively for you!

Take advantage of 60 deals, from car-related services to F&B and shopping deals. Simply follow the redemption instructions to enjoy savings!

The list will be refreshed regularly, so keep watch on our DFDB page to make sure you get the latest deals.

Want to earn more?

 Tips of the Week:

  1. We’ve heard you! You won’t be receiving a 2nd GrabShare booking if you’re on the expressway. No need to worry about weird detours so keep the AVAILABLE FOR JOBS button on!
  2. We’ve revamped the History tab for Android 5.10 driver-partners, allowing you to track your earnings in App! Read more about it here.

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