Wednesday April 19th, 2017

Graduating with Zero Savings? Part time with Grab can be a Fast Solution

Imagine starting on your first job after graduation. Your new colleague invites you to drinks after work, but you can’t afford more than a can of Coke because education has left you with a big fat zero in your bank account.

Not all graduates have to start off being poor. Grab provides you with an extra income stream that is better than many Singapore part-time jobs in the following ways:

1. Grab Lets You Focus on Your Studies

Most student part-time jobs for undergrads are notoriously inflexible as working hours clash with school hours. To fit their work schedule, students find themselves having to skip lectures, forgo modules and enrol in ones they dislike.

As a Grab driver, you’re not forced to free up huge chunks of time from your academic schedule. You can even use your two-hour break between lectures to accept a ride request, earn some money, and get to your next lecture in time. With Grab, drive only when you want to and make last-minute decisions to drive based on your academic needs.

2. You Have a Ready Pool of Customers

Transport options in and around tertiary campuses are sometimes limited, which explains why many students now rely on Grab to get from A to B. As a Grab part-time driver, not only will you have no trouble getting a ride request around your campus, you will also be able to network with your peers/customers while you drive.

3. Grab Covers the Cost of a Car  

Owning a car, even a cheap one, is a luxury that the average Singaporean struggles to afford. In fact, thanks to additional fees such as the Certificate of Entitlement (COE) and dealers’ margin, we often end up paying almost six times the original price of the car.

But what if we told you that your car could pay for itself? Just ask undergraduate and part-time Grab driver, Jeremy Oh, who earned enough as a Grab driver to help pay for his exchange programme in the Netherlands. As a Grab driver, you could earn $30 or more per hour. With GrabCar rental costs starting from as low as $50 a day, that means you could end up earning up to $3,000 a month after paying off car rental fees.

4. Grab Lets You Make Better Career Decisions

Many young adults find it hard to land that first job after graduation. As a Grab driver, you have a financial safety net in case your first job proves hard to find in today’s challenging job market.

Better still, you won’t feel rushed into accepting an offer for a full-time job that you might end up hating just because you needed the money at the time. Driving with Grab gives you a much-needed sense of security as you search for your dream job.

Graduate with financial freedom. Join the Grab community today!


Wonder how much you’ll earn? Well, stop guessing. Simply key in the hours you’d like to drive, and you’ll get to see your potential weekly earnings! You’ll be able to plan your time on the road to pay off your car, fund your kid’s education or even go on that dream vacation!



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