GrabSchool 8th December 2015: Equipping your children for a better future

GrabSchool’s participants collecting their Certificate of Participation

GrabTaxi’s popular enrichment programme, GrabSchool, has made a comeback this December. The aim of GrabSchool is to give back to our drivers, the heart of our organization, by providing free workshops for their children.

This time, we collaborated with Reactor SG to organize a one-day workshop at *Scape in Orchard Link.

The workshop saw about 80 children in various teams building a robust car model, using only scrap materials, to solve the impending transport and energy crisis faced by Singapore in the Year 2064.

Team building their futuristic vehicle prototype

The participants, aged 9 to 14 years old, mastered the art of conceptualizing, team building and negotiating during the workshop. They then had to present their car models to the audience and explain how it will help the country achieve long-term sustainability.

Negotiating skills put to use for better scrap building materials

Winning team for the ‘Most High Tech Car’

Their parents were also involved by voting for the team they felt had the best pitch. Overall, our drivers were supportive of the GrabSchool initiative. One of them, cabby Daren Naidu, 44, mentioned: “[My son] is very hands-on. He’s always drawing or building things with Lego pieces. So it’s good to encourage that.”

Aluminium foil to represent ‘solar panels’ on their vehicle prototypes.

With GrabSchool, GrabTaxi wishes to equip children with skills beyond the boundaries of a classroom, by exploring the themes of entrepreneurship, innovation and future planning. We also believe it is important to encourage creativity at a young age.

The main thing that the children took away from GrabSchool is understanding the process of setting up their own business, from ideation all the way to pitching to investors. Most importantly, recognising that entrepreneurship is a viable career option for them in the future.